Curved hem tutorial

As seen in my last post, here is my tutorial for making a curved hem.

You need: Top pattern pieces, tracing paper( grease proof paper works too), tape measure, french curve, pencil and paper weights of some type, I used coins( not nessecary but helpful)

This step isn’t necessary but it gives the top a good drape if you’re using a fairley lightweight fabric like silk or lightweight cotton.

Word of advice that I soon realised, the top looks much more flattering when the top piece has  a shorter less curved hem then the back piece.

Just a note to say that for the back a lengthened more curved hem works better.Thats it!

There are more pics and info in this post. Hope you like it, send me pics if anyone uses it.


Exams are over!

EXAMS ARE OVER! So happy! Although for a while this weekend I was like “what do I do?” (i’m too used to studying!) Anyhoo… this is my tank, made with liberty fabric. I love the colour of this top, I can definitely see myself wearing this loads!

Please excuse the horrificnuss of my face (desperately blurred out), I’m a really unphotogenic person. Back to the top, I used grainline‘s scout tee pattern, again, previously used herehere and here. I also have another one planned! For this one I had a curved hem for which I will soon release a tutorial on.

The insides are french seamed and the neckline and armholes have bias binding. I love the finished result, especialy the inside.

A big closeup of the print, I know it’s faces but it’s kinda cool. I love the art nouveau style of the drawing too!

I’ll release the tutorial soon but for now I’ll leave you with this!

Birthday shorts!

Sorry in advance for blinding whiteness of my legs! It’s Ireland that gets nearly no sun and summer has only just started. Thankfully though there has been a small  heat wave for the past few days.

I got the fabric for these during my trip to Scotland. It’s fairly lightweight so I had to line these. I used new look 6100 and after reading Dixe DIY‘s crotch guide and seeing that these looked good I dicided to make myself a pair of them.

I like how they turned out. I was hemming them the night before my birthday so that I could wear them. Then the day came and I was told it could be one of the warmest days of the year and I swear I didn’t plan to make them because i knew about the weather!

I have a new half-liberty, half-linen tank nearly finished so expect to see it soon!