London notions

DSC_0036 copy

Some of the notions that I got on my trip, I listed my fabrics but now I thought i’d show a list of some places that I found good for notions, ribbons and other sewing related things.

The Buttons (in tubes) I got in market stall in Camden markets. I’m afraid I’m kind of vague as to where it is but it is the horse market (if that makes sense to any Londoners?) The guy there was really helpful and some cool sewing stuff like old crochet wool, sewing techniques book from early 1900’s and some old lace, that’s right old lace!


I’m still confused as to that it’s in my possession, and that it wasn’t sky-high prices! That plus the buttons for £20! He threw in the black lace. Now all feel the jealousy! I always stare at your pretty fabrics so now you stare at mine!

Back to normality….


2013 216 This ribbon is one of my purchases at Gouldhawk road. There were quite a few cool ribbons in the shop but most of them were quite sparkly or too bright. I thought this one was quite cool and interesting plus not too pricey either.

DSC_0040The ribbon (giant rick-rack) and buttons (ceramic) are from CallyCo. This shop is in Cambridge (address on the website)

The other decorative ribbon is from an outdoor market on GouldHawlk road, in between the station and the fabric shops.

2013 2172013 229Last but not least, the navy grosgrain and the studs are from Lyndon’s Stitch and Beads in South Kensington markets.

Hope you guys find this helpful! Back soon!


London Fabrics


A post! Sorry for the absence… I was away and then had study so this has ended up being put off for too long! These fabrics2013 215

are the ones that I got in  London. This first one is a raw silk  fabric.

Its blue with a really interesting corded texture. This is the shop that I got it from. Universal Textiles on Goldhawk road. There’s an address attached to the link. My piece was, sadly the last of the roll. The rest of the shop contained some interesting stuff but I’m really trying to cut back on what I buy.


This is another piece. A wool that’s heavy enough to be a jacket. I’ve seen many kind of ethnic looking jackets plus I have a really simple pattern that I’ve made befo2013 219re. I’m even thinking some cool liberty cotton lining?? I got this piece at UK textiles. This place had some of my favourite stuff!  I was restricted by both suitcase size and weight so I couldn’t get any more. This place was also nice becasuse it was one of the only places where you weren’t followed around the shop. They were also willing to make some deals too, *hint hint!


This piece is striped cotton. It’s one of the prettiest stripes i’ve personaly seen. The cotton is so soft that I first I thought it was a silk. It was also really cheap. It was £4 a meter but I got three meters for £10!2013 220

Orya Textiles. This place was one of the most interesting shops on the street. the guy was really nice too. The shop was filled with the most beautiful leathers *I sheepishly have too much leather so I didn’t allow myself to buy any…..  All of his stuff was very different. Since many of the shops are on the same street alot of the stock can sometimes look similair. I overheard this guy talk to other customers about how his stock is one off, as in when it’s gone…it’s gone. This was my favourite place on the street.


My last piece of fabric (actually the one I bought first!) This a rayon fabric. I never really buy synthetic fabrics but I really liked the print of this and it was pretty cheap too. I got the fabric at John Lewis. I’ve had previous success there. The one we went to was in Cambridge. The fabric section was actually pretty good and the knitting section as I expected really good as well 🙂 I also chose this fabric because of the drape. I may or may not have gotten a certain book which is for my birthday but I can’t say any more….. it’s to do with draping…..

Sorry for the crypticness, I’ll tell you on my birthday! (24th May) There’ll be another post for notions as well but this is it for now.

China Love

DSC_0445I’m back! China was amazing. I had so much fun and I saw so much! More photos to come soon I promise. My film is being developed as we speak.


I’m gonna show you some of the stuff that I got while I was away. The above photo is a little purse that I got for 60 yuan, or €6.80 roughly. I also got a little thimble for my nana and really cool giant earrings for me. The fabric is silk. It’s fairly heavy, as in you could probably make a jacket out of it if you wanted, maybe an evening coat……

DSC_0449DSC_0451These two are both wools, for €12 for two meters each (and one of them’s italian wool) I think I did pretty well. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them yet but I’ll get back to you on that.

DSC_0452 DSC_0455I also got some calligraphy brushes, a small one and a big one. While we were in china we took a small calligraphy class, so now I can keep up my skills.

DSC_0458And I got myself some real pearls! Tested and everything. Just wanted to check back and show some of the cool stuff I got. would do a proper fabric post but I didn’t buy much. We did go to this huge market place where I got most of my stuff and part of that was a tailor area which was also sold there. You don’t really have to hunt for fabric there.

Post soon!


I have a question, I got this velvet last weekend and I’ve decided what to make with it but now I want to put lace with it and I don’t know which one (photos below)

This black cotton lace or…

This, a lace shoulder piece insertion. Below is the sketch.

It has a cowl back and a high front neckline, drawn in my fashionary.

Here is the lace with the velvet, I’m also thinking if I should use the lace at all.

Plus is it really obvious that I came up with the design immediatly after I watched downtown abbey! Mary’s wedding dress is gorgeous, and Sybils velvet one!

It’s not a great image but this is Mary’s wedding dress. I couldn’t find an image of the other dress but even if you watch a few episodes or even one just for the clothing, they are simply beautiful even if you don’t like period dramas just click mute!

By the way huge thanks to Gemma at submarines and sewing machines for the free add space! I was so happy that I was happy dancing around the place for an hour after ward!

Today was the best and the worst…..

I’ll explain the odd title now. Today was my first day of summer holidays. I’ve finished my exams! I have this subject called Home ec which was my last exam and the last question was “design and describe a casual summer top” I litraley lept with joy inside(I was in an exam hall after all..)

Anyway back to the day, summer sales started today and my mom took me around town. We were at the knitting shop and heard that the woolen mills (one of the 3 fabric shops in dublin) was closing down. That shop has been open for 104 years! 4 generations! It was so depressing but of course when a shop closes down it also has a closing down sale. I got lots of great stuff but it’s still pretty depresing.

First off I got 5 meters of calico since i’m going to the grafton in the summer. I’m so exicted, i’m doing 2 weeks prior to going away and then another four after! I’m gonna have all of the design basics.

 I also got this little piece of faux leather, I was inspired by this so expect to see something soon!

I got this poly wool mix as well. I got 2 meters and I’m thinking of a pair of trousers and maybe a pair of shorts with the left over.

I know that the cover of this is quite 90’s but i like the actual design and it was only €2.

 here’s everything else, including buttons, zips, crochet egding pattern, cold wash dye, serger thread in black and white, an awl and gutterman thread.

On another note i also got this bag from  selected femme, I’ve been eyeballing this for ages and finaly I bought it! €60 something euros to €36!

I’ll be showing you my projects soon but the weather was too cold and drizzly today but i’m free all next week!


Scotland; Part two

Here are the fabrics I bought during my trip.From the bottom up; Armani lace( I actually got this in my local shop but it’s so pretty), New season remnant Liberty silk, ultra thin cotton print, Shiny and raw sided thick silk, Liberty cotton lawn.

I had to show you the lace at the bottom of the fabric, I was so happy to get this for €22 for 1 1/2 meters since it was usually €20 for a meter.

This was my best find of the holidays. We were at our last day in Glascow when I was brought to mandors. I walked around the shop and then discovered they had racks of liberty print fabrics, more importanly they had a whole rack of remnant liberty silk. She saw, she wanted, she bought for £12! Best buy of my trip! I’m still in awe of it. I’ve found the perfect t-shirt style, back button up blouse from burda style.

I also got wool during my trip. On our last day of the trip we visited the John Lewis centre in Edinburgh. My mom and I got the biggest surprise to discover they had a sewing section, and a haberdashery section and best of all! A HUGE knitting section with lots of rowan wool. I loved it so much I’m now making a jumper with linen wool, I can’t wait to finish it!

Thats it, I have a denim skirt on the way so I’ll be back soon.

a new bag + summer ideas

Sorry about not posting in a while but I have my first project of 2012 nearly finished! This here is some scrap mulberry leather. It was in my local fabric shop. I had gathered my pieces from their remnant bin (including a lightweight black with paisley pattern overlay for €6.50) and the lady told me she would give me this for only €16!

My nana gave my this linen recently whick turned out to be very close in colour although I have no idea what the last person who had this was doing!

 This is a Japaneses pattern book that I got during my summer holiday. I have yet to make something with it but the one at the bottom of the left page combined with the strap from the right that can fit an A4 sketch pad and my vogue collection magazine!

Underneath is a sketch that I made of the bag that I’d like to make.

The two pics above are of a Yves Saint Laurent green jacket    (marked with red) and  a black Valinto dress (marked with green)  I’ve already started planning my summer projects, light weight fabrics in my stash are calling to me! why is summer over 3 months away!

I should have a grainline inspired project for you this weekend! Bye