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2013 Pentax K-5 11 090

Hello again, I hope you all had an especially lovely holiday season, whether with family grappling for radiator rights, or down under, strolling around the beach. My holidays were very calm and relaxed, not too much happening but there were still events to attend. One of the most important events being Christmas diner at my nana’s house. This dress was a simple shell, a basic A-line shape with a bit of extra flare and a little bit shorter for some fun. However I had bigger plans, involving crochet hooks and way more hand sewing hours then I could have imagined!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 213

The design came in the middle of an art class, I was madly inking, painting and drawing away hoping IMG_0003jfor that miraculous thing one calls inspiration, my eureka moment. And it came. I was interested in playing with new textures, some knitting, dying, even macramé…, or crochet. I haven’t “hooked” anything in a few years. I had a tendency to make my pieces with really loose tension, there were a lot of holes in my supposedly warm hats, so I left the craft and picked up my more successful endeavour, knitting. Another thing I wasn’t good at with crochet was the patterns, knitting patterns have a code that reveals itself like a friend, crochet is like knitting’s more beautiful yet evil twin. So I did what any normal person would, I made up my own pattern with the help of the internet and my fingers muscle memory, soon I had a mini fleet of crochet circles waiting for their commander to give them a battle field. Now all I had to do was figure out how to attach my little army to their neutral base….

2013 Pentax K-5 11 160

And so, with the help of early home times during exams I started to sew on the pieces. I continued doing at least two or three hours every day, while reciting the laws of physics, the revolutionaries of the 1800’s and some French grammar. even with the exams over there was a mighty load left, so every night for the two weeks leading up to Christmas I would work on the dress, I even managed to reclaim my new Christmas dress ritual of late finishing by sewing the buttons holes on Christmas morning! But it was all worth it. I’m seriously in love with this dress! I love the colours, the irregularity of the crochet pieces and the neckline. I’ve been told it looks a little high, but I think it works with the style of the dress.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 049

The next chapter of the dress was the photographing. I had to sacrifice all warmth for several minutes. Ireland in December is cold, and while the dress is mainly made of wool and has a high neckline, it also has no sleeves and is rather short. After getting the desired shots my fingers were numb and tingly for at least 20 minutes, dedication I tell you.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 080

I hope you all enjoy your celebrations of the new year. I also wanted to say thanks for an amazing 2013, it’s been a really unique and interesting year for me, in many ways… I’ll be back soon with some photos and resolutions!


Today was the best and the worst…..

I’ll explain the odd title now. Today was my first day of summer holidays. I’ve finished my exams! I have this subject called Home ec which was my last exam and the last question was “design and describe a casual summer top” I litraley lept with joy inside(I was in an exam hall after all..)

Anyway back to the day, summer sales started today and my mom took me around town. We were at the knitting shop and heard that the woolen mills (one of the 3 fabric shops in dublin) was closing down. That shop has been open for 104 years! 4 generations! It was so depressing but of course when a shop closes down it also has a closing down sale. I got lots of great stuff but it’s still pretty depresing.

First off I got 5 meters of calico since i’m going to the grafton in the summer. I’m so exicted, i’m doing 2 weeks prior to going away and then another four after! I’m gonna have all of the design basics.

 I also got this little piece of faux leather, I was inspired by this so expect to see something soon!

I got this poly wool mix as well. I got 2 meters and I’m thinking of a pair of trousers and maybe a pair of shorts with the left over.

I know that the cover of this is quite 90’s but i like the actual design and it was only €2.

 here’s everything else, including buttons, zips, crochet egding pattern, cold wash dye, serger thread in black and white, an awl and gutterman thread.

On another note i also got this bag from  selected femme, I’ve been eyeballing this for ages and finaly I bought it! €60 something euros to €36!

I’ll be showing you my projects soon but the weather was too cold and drizzly today but i’m free all next week!


Liberty Tank

Say hello to my new tank. The fabric for this I got from my nana. I was overjoyed when I saw the print! I was then saddend to find that there wasn’t enough to make a top, then she also handed me some green linen of the same amount as the cotton. I then decided, what if I combined them!(miny lightbulb cue)

For the pattern I used grainline‘s  scout tee. I modified it slightly, I made the armholes bigger, both necklines deeper and I also made the overall shape a little bit more A-line. It still looks preety much the exact same as the origional but…. ah well.

Here’s a better view of the combo. Rather nice, don’t you think. To top it all off I did all flat-felled seams and did homemade bias-binding for neck and armhole egdes. I used turquoise thread, which be easier to see in the top photo. To finish the whole top off, I added some crochet lace to the neckline. I used grey thread to sew it in place and it looks silvery!

Sorry ’bout the wrinkles! I wasn’t bothered to iron it 😀

I also wanted to show you this (look out below…!)

I, like so many others, have finally gotten a fashionary. I love this thing! On the left I have my knitting projects and on my right I have my sewing ones. I have more sewing ideas but I’ve only done these sketches as of late.

Good luck to all of your crafty/ design and fashion endevours!

A winters day and idle hands…

Here is my friends birthday gift

Here it is…. I crocheted the top half in some old wool found in my house, then the base was made with felt as well as the spots on top and it was all sewn together with white embroidery thread. The mushroom is based on the mario game mushrooms. Unfortunately I forgot about the face on base but I don’t actually play these games so….

Onto my next gift, this is a christmas gift for my grandad.

I making socks! I hope he likes them. He’s the same grandad who gave the fabric to make this dress. I hope he likes them..

I’m using the regular guy toe-up socks pattern and I have to admit it is a brilliant pattern. I loved just seeing the socks go up. I’m using my dad’s foot as my foot model.

That’s all for now folks!

P.S. I got to see Bombay Bicycle Club on Tuesday and I got to meet their lead singer, Jack Steadman, and say hi to him! Best gig ever! 🙂