Liberty Tank

Say hello to my new tank. The fabric for this I got from my nana. I was overjoyed when I saw the print! I was then saddend to find that there wasn’t enough to make a top, then she also handed me some green linen of the same amount as the cotton. I then decided, what if I combined them!(miny lightbulb cue)

For the pattern I used grainline‘s  scout tee. I modified it slightly, I made the armholes bigger, both necklines deeper and I also made the overall shape a little bit more A-line. It still looks preety much the exact same as the origional but…. ah well.

Here’s a better view of the combo. Rather nice, don’t you think. To top it all off I did all flat-felled seams and did homemade bias-binding for neck and armhole egdes. I used turquoise thread, which be easier to see in the top photo. To finish the whole top off, I added some crochet lace to the neckline. I used grey thread to sew it in place and it looks silvery!

Sorry ’bout the wrinkles! I wasn’t bothered to iron it 😀

I also wanted to show you this (look out below…!)

I, like so many others, have finally gotten a fashionary. I love this thing! On the left I have my knitting projects and on my right I have my sewing ones. I have more sewing ideas but I’ve only done these sketches as of late.

Good luck to all of your crafty/ design and fashion endevours!


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