week three in Sweden

2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 226 Day 15

Our first day in Copenhagen. We spent our time between rambling the main streets and going on photographic excursions towards the outer layers of the city (meaning all around the city!). By evening time we even made our way to the famed Tivoli gardens for dinner, a spectacular lights show and some seriously cool night-time shots.

Wearing this dress.2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 569 Day 16

Another day of explorations lay in wait. We visited the national art gallery which held a rather large collection of miniature Degas statues. Then we tested out the very efficient underground system (think ultra modern Scandinavian design at it’s best) to an even older part of the city for one of the of the most delicious salads I’ve eaten. Afterwards we headed into the city’s tallest tower for the best skyline views, warning this is not for the faint-hearted, the stairs up are fine, but the final ascent is on the outside of the tower,( as seen in the image above ), however the heights are worth it as you are rewarded with a stunning view. We wound up our final night in Copenhagen with some oh-so-touritsty burgers and then took a change of pace to a bookshop-come café for dessert, for our family’s book addictions being able to sit among shelves of books put everyone at ease.

Wearing this top to survive the heat!2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 1122 Day 17

On the road again! (as my dad would say), it was time to return to Sweden, by ferry that is, but trouble was that our ferry was departing from the other side of the country, so we began our drive through Denmark. On the way we saw not one but two very long bridges (I’m officially saying Scandinavia has the coolest bridges), of course we stopped numerous times for pictures, anything else would be unnatural for us! Finally after six hours of driving (a lot of road works at the second bridge) we arrived at Fredrickshavn, our final stop before Sweden. Only once we boarded the ship did my dad tell me the ferry’s more infamous truths. For this I think I need to explain that each Scandinavian country (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) each have their own currency, so prices in certain things will differ from item to item, one such item being alcohol, so the Norwegians head to Sweden, the Swedes head to Denmark, the Danes to Germany and the German’s to Poland, the reason I’m telling you this is that we were on one of the “Swede to Denmark” boats, on a Saturday night, there were plenty of kids and families on board so it was fine but the occasional song and dance on deck to 80’s Swedish pop was rather entertaining, as was their staggering up and down steps as we disembarked. For the majority of the ferry ride I was outside though, catching one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. I think I took well over 300 pictures… But I couldn’t stop, it was a classic “sun over sea” horizon shot. By the time we were driving home the colourful lights of the city kept my camera on and led to some pretty “artsy” shots (i.e. blurry and vaguely interesting..)

Wearing this skirt and this hoodie to survive the Swedish dusk.

IMGP8758 Day 17

Back home, we relished our lie-in and the simple joys of life. In the morning I made Swedish pastries for the first time, under the expert guidance of my granddad, they turned out to be quite delicious as well. After eating a few too many pastries we went on a little excursion to the picturesque housing areas (think colourfully painted wooden-clad homes with lots of flowers outside and around the area), saw a crab and I got the closest to a seagull that I’ve ever been. At home we watched a movie and enjoyed yet more pastries.

Wearing these shorts.IMGP9036 Day 18

Last day… We decided to spend our last day in spectacular fashion, visiting one local town for a last-stop wool shop, it’s for my yearly fix! Then onto one of my favourite towns in Sweden, Udevalla, the old centre is perfect for taking photos so I walked around with my granddad catching various shots here and there. For lunch we went to very quiet yet very comfortable café that served a ton of loose-leaf tea and my last shrimp sandwich… After some reading we drove on to an amazing restaurant, delicious fish, scrumptious desserts and to-die-for views, can I mention it has a swing, and that I love swings! Since we had a fairly early dinner my dad and I drove about finding a setting for our final sunset. Our night was finished with a movie and some of our favourite Swedish treats.

Wearing these shorts (cause I can) and this hoodie (cause repetition is good right…?)


Me-Made May 2014:week 3

Day 18 Day 17

Went out about town to buy some birthday gifts as May is the season of birthdays.

Wearing this skirt and my jacket.

Day 19 Day 18

Had a day of hitting the books and so I decided to dance come photo time, just hit the volume to max on my headphones and headed to the attic!

Wearing a super simple top that has yet to make an appearance on the blog.Day 20 Day 19

The temperature cooled just a little bit but I’ve already declared that the season of bare legs to of begun so I just wore a jumper instead.

Decided to wear this skirt again.

Day 21 Day 21

Sorry for the depressed look but this was taken the day before exams and as you can tell, I’m not too excited about them.

Wearing this skirt.Day 24 Day 24

Happy birthday to me! We spent the day about town trying to forget about exams and also tried to coax the sun to come out as well.

Wearing a new dress especially made for the day that shall be here soon.Day 25 Day 25

Once the sun decided to come out I simply had to enjoy it, so my dad and I headed to the beach to try and skim rocks and dip toes into the ocean. Thankfully the water was shallow enough that you could actually walk in without getting frozen.

Wearing a new denim skirt that shall be coming here in a little bit.2014 Pentax K-5 11 010Day 26

I was feeling lazy (I’d had my physics exam earlier that day) and just wore some hand made friendship bracelets.2014 Pentax K-5 11 074Day 27

Relaxed and studied away while awaiting the next set of exams.

Wearing this skirt.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 104 Day 28

Nearly free! Had an art history exam that worked out well and then walked home in the sunshine, the loom of summer was so near that I decided to take some photos outside for a change.

Wearing this top.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 230 Day 29

I felt a little dance was in order for the freedom that I had acquired! No more exams or studies! Three whole months to do whatever I wanted in (which shall in part include a new collection, mood boards to come shortly!). My mum and I had a nice meal talking about the existence of raspberries (with maple syrup and drop scones or with chocolate moose), chocolate moose with raspberries was on the desert menu and so the universe, for once decided the debacle of whether or not to get desert!

Wearing a new denim skirt and black t-shirt.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 029 Day 30

First day of freedom! And I did what makes me happiest, made a new top and photographed it the very same day! That night I went out for dinner in the hard rock café, the night included “stolen” polaroids (masterfully stuck together with the grease of our burgers) serenades of Whitney Houston songs and some late night dancing on the streets of Dublin! All captured with a plucky fisheye and its frightening flash!

Wearing a new top/ t-shirt that shall be making it’s debut shortly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my me-made-may posts, sorry for the delay but it’s already turned out to be a busy summer!

I’ve learned from the month that you can never have enough t-shirts, or shorts! That I’m very bad at wearing old cloths or anything remotely fancy or without stretch. My summer shall, in light of this, be filled with comfy, town appropriate, shorts, nice t-shirts and hopefully some casual shirts to make me look that slight bit smarter! I also promise no “grumpy teenager” expressions, only the crazed three year old’s smile!

Happy summer to everyone on holidays! And for anyone who’s not at least the day are longer, the skirts are shorter and the rain is warmer!

That’s a wrap

2013 Pentax K-5 11 058

2013 Pentax K-5 11 049

2013 Pentax K-5 11 052

2013 Pentax K-5 11 045

The “perfect” wrap. At the moment I’m creating a mini collection for myself, most of the pieces are finished, in the process of being photographed. I’m also creating a little booklet to go along with. I’m always stressed with school work, that having a little project like this makes things more fun, a little light at the end of the tunnel.

But this skirt is another story! It’s a self-made pattern, as in I lazily traced off my skirt block, added a little flare, a slight asymmetrical front flap piece and hacked off a ton of length. I then without testing, cut into this gorgeous wool and cashmere fabric from murphy Sheehy’s, praying the pattern was close enough to my blocks that it would work. And it did!

I made up the skirt on a new toy (sewing machine) testing out all the special stitches, including an over lock stitch and even automatic button holes! My life has been revolutionised! The skirt was made up in a day, cut out in the morning and sewing the hem by the evening. The joys of holidays it would seem.

These photos are my next adventure into self-portraits/ fashion photography. I’m quite happy with the photos, the first one is a close contender for the cover of my booklet… I’m testing out new manual settings on my camera as well.

Have I mentioned comfortable this skirt is, I could swish around in it for days….

2013 Pentax K-5 11 165

And here’s a little preview of the rest of the collection.

When an idea comes together


Do you ever have a moment of inspiration, when you’ve drawn a sketch, or had an idea that feels completely unique, seperate of anything else you’ve seen recently, seemingly plucked from your subconscious. Well this skirt was that moment for me. I often need to have a form of notebook by my bedside (i get anxious if i dont) to sketch in. One night i was just doodling and the first sketch appeared on page, near a month later a finished piece was made. DSC_0390The fabric is one of my Swedish buys and seemingly a bit of an oddity! Its a stretch fabric so it drapes really nicely, I came up with the design when I saw the fabric, my usual thought process! The colour is one of the things I love about this. It looks really nice with prints, like this top i’m wearing it with but It also looks great with greys and blacks! The texture of the fabric is also really cool. Its feels a bit like suede and has a sight pile on it, I managed to make life that bit harder by buying only one meter but it worked out in the end.


The pattern is made by me, with some help as I did not know what to do when it came to draping! It’s a fairly basic A-line skirt with some random pleats on the front side seams. Then it was put onto a mannequin and the pleats were pinned and hand sewn into place. I also wanted to tell you about where I got shot in these pics, Mount Usher. Named Ireland’s top garden by the BBC. I have to say I think I agree. Many a time I have gone there with a full roll of film and came back out using every shot. Plus they have a café with some amazing food. The day we went there was a little bit of a drizzle so the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed, perfect for taking photos! We even had some of the last rays of Irelands summer helping us out. I also got to use my mums SLR camera. I’ve been starting to use the manual setting on the camera and playing around with what the buttons do. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really read manuals and plunges straight in, for instance one of my old cameras, I was messing around with it late at night and found it had a games setting where you could play games with your photos! I think I got far more enjoyment out of discovering that myself.


I’ll have another post with some shots I took that day as I really liked the way they came out!

Oldness is Goodness


I have a new skirt! Or rather new photos of a skirt. This skirt is actually two years old! And still looking as good as it did when it came off the sewing machine. I made it during the summer before I started this blog. And wow has it gotten a lot of wear. It’s small, comfy and cute. Works in summer with sandals and winter with tights.


I made the skirt at my beloved grafton academy and the fabric is from, of course murphy sheehys! So predicable I know, but if its not broke don’t fix it! The skirt is also V1247, made previously in denim (check out this version) and maroon. I just can’t get enough! This is actually version number 1. I’ve meant to get this up for a year but just havn’t managed to get photos up until now.


A back view. The only change is there is a lapped zipper. This being because this was before I knew the amazingness of metal zips and chose a hideous plastic one. The teachers was like “No, this will not do, you can’t show this hideousness to the world! We shall make it lapped!” She didn’t really, but that was what her face said!

I haven’t done this in ages but still, to end here’s some Haim. They’re a new American band that I’ve become obsessed with! This song is called “Don’t Save Me”.


I’m back from Paris! I had an amazing time. I was away since last Saturday, I spent Sunday organising my fabric and seeing the new bond film. I decided to do another Me-made-holiday. I was much more succesfull this time!.

Day 1: Travel day, no big inovation since we spent the day in airports.

Wearing my coat.

Day 2: My mom and I hit the streets of Paris, We walked around the Mare district for a bit. I even got myself a hat! Wearing my coat and my jumper.

Day 3: (Photo below) I walked around abit again, finaly with some film in my camera. I took a few cool photos. We also saw the seriously busy Gariale La Fayette where there were some poor husbands with little suitcases for their wives/ girlfriends purchases. We also had a really delicious lunch in a little bar around the corner. Later we went to mono-prix to find some seriously well priced cashmere jumpers. €89 for a really warm and soft cashmere jumper….. yes please! Wearing my coat, this top (even though you can’t see it) and a new scarf.

 Day 4:

We walked around some smaller streets where there were an impressive amount of camera shops selling second hand old lenses. I didn’t get one, unfourtuantley. We also had the most amazing shepeds pie. No peas, nice mash and good spices and flavours! It was heaven in a bowl. We also headed into the mare district again to check out the giant harberdashery there. I got some really cool feather ribbon. I eyed up some of their fabric but I simply couldn’t afford it. Wearing my jersey top.

Day 5: I spent the day with my dad. In the first stretch we saw some of his more specialist shops. Later we saw the Arc de Triompe, just as the sun was going down.

Just a note to say that my legs are not actually this long. My dad took the photo from below. In actual fact I think I’m about 5foot 7 and a half.

A little photo of what we saw at the top of the Arc de Triompe.Day 6: Here I am doing my ‘I am french, and I am chic!’ (said in a very ridicuously incorrect french accent!)

Here I am wearing my navy top. We first went to a local market which was opened for a holiday. We also met up with one of my parents friends and had lunch with her in a vegan restaurant. The food turned out to be much nicer then I thought it would be but french cuisine is usualy on another level to everyone else. Later that evening we had a reservation at Bofinger. The one with the bullet hole in mirror. We didn’t get to see it but the photo at the very top was taken after the meal. I’m wearing my maroon dress and of courses my coat which already has several linkings in this post. I’m also wearing a scarf which has not yet been published.

Day 7: I only have my evening photo as you can probobly see, I don’t go around dressing in velvet cardigans! I’m wearing my navy top.

That day was day I found true love. Love that is genuine and true. I found Paris’s fabric shops! I think I may of scared my mom a little by how excited I was. I was beaming for the whole morning. I will of course have to have a post on the fabric shops (which I took lots of photo’s for!) and on the fabric. I’m not a big spender but I do love a good bargain. Later in the day we went out for lunch and then saw a rather cool photoshoot!

If you see anything soon in the same kind of vampire, gothic, edwardian theme/ look can you leave a comment because I would be chuffed to know I was there when it happened. You know the whole loving fashion and how it’s created aspect.

Day 8: My last day 😦 Hence the sad looking expression.

Wearing my this top. First we decided to go to some of the cool markets in Paris. We went to the wrong one unfourtuantly. Really terrible, people moving away their stalls as soon as the police come around bad. We quickly headed back to city centre. We decided to have a nice lunch and stroll around the Mare district after getting a little freaked out by the earlier markets. Later in the day we got to the airport to get home. We almost didn’t make it due to the security, thankfully two nice women in front of us let us through when we were 5 minutes from our departure. We got home to our iceberg of a home to turn on every light and heater in it!

A little shot of Paris in the night from the plane. I hope you all had a nice week while I was away. I have some amazing fabric that I got while I was away that I can’t wait to share with you. I’m also going to do a list of some of the best fabric shops that I came across in Paris.

V pocket skirt

A new skirt, and with my own pattern! This is my latest offering that I made in the grafton academy.

The fabric is a grey cupro (the ‘on pocket money’ version of silk, a.k.a the synthetic version!) Well the fabric drapes beautifully and when I finaly wore the finished skirt for the first time I was like “ooh thats nice!” It’s also, like silk, really soft. I was thinking of going barelegged all winter for that softness but in ireland I couldn’t go bare legged all summer 😦

Onto the pattern. The main design element of the skirt was the pockets. They’re ,as the title suggests, V-shaped. They slant in the front and the back to form a v-shape in the side seam. I’m telling you that having everything in the outside and the inside of the garment coming to one tiny point in slippy fabric…. . I don’t like slippy fabrics.

You can see the pocket more easily above. The skirt also has a ‘hi-low’ hem and a 3cm waist band.

Sorry for the whiteness of my legs but no sun=no tan. Sorry for the delay but my new ‘every other day’ policy with my laptop is crampin my style but I’m loosing too much knitting time. I know that sounds weird but when I was on holidays I got so much done because I didn’t have a computer with me so the new policy comes in. Hopefully i’ll be back with something soon, spoiler alert! I’m making a coat!