The “I just wanna get out” Dress

2013 Pentax K-5 11 051

2013 Pentax K-5 11 088

So this is a very old dress, from around a year ago, when I was starting drafting. It’s a A-line shape but with a bit of a twist. It’s made with a dart-less block so the shape is very simple, and really quick to make. But since it’s made with a velvet with a lace overlay it’s a bit more classic.

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I originally made this dress for Christmas last year, being the bold seamstress who sews up her hems on Christmas morning. But it was finished for then, so why has this only been photographed now…Well without coming up with too many excuses I’ve been lazy and busy. It’s way too cold to wear this outdoors in December and January, and it’s too warm for Summer, also there’s not so many places to wear a dress such as this. Recently I’ve been hinting at a new camera, and I’ve also fallen in love with this blog, the result is a missing tripod, and some haphazard modelling poses (my tip, listen to music as it makes your expressions more genuine). Also a lot of eyeliner has been used recently as well….. I think the result is worth it though.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 072

As for the “interesting” styling, I’m aiming at grunge, I don’t really do pretty little dresses so it’s only natural to include a scarf, an over-sized blouse and a heavy wool coat. I think it works, or maybe it’s just the un-brushed hair and dazed expression that pulls it together…

2013 Pentax K-5 11 114

But the dress, the velvet is from, as always Murphy Sheehy’s, it was hiding towards the back of the shop, whispering “buy me…buy me…” and well for €15 I couldn’t go wrong. The lace is from Paris, a little bit more exotic. It was again, hiding, but it too came home with me. I’m still utterly in love with it, the paisley, the combination of it with the velvet, the shape, how it’s slightly wider then the under layer. It’s possibly the most pretty thing I own, and the only evening dress I have. Now all I need is some long black gloves or lacy fingerless ones, maybe I should start these.. but that’s for another day!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 081


Ice cream


Finally some new projects. I made this before I went to china and it kept my head very warm while I was there. The wool I used is a slik and wool blend, Rowan’s silky tweed which I just found out has been discontinued. I picked up the yarn at a sale I think a year or so ago. I’d been planning a pair of mittens with it because it was so soft but instead I decided to make a hat. I used a very basic rib pattern, which when knitted in the round made the hat make up in no time at all! I did add in a twist though…..


I added in colourwork! Didn’t I say the pattern used two balls of yarn! I had bought the two with an idea of mixing the colours from the start. I thought that the pattern for the hat was so simple that I should add in this element. I’m super happy with the effect. I’ve been told it looks like a crown,a sun and my personal favourite, icecream. The colour work chart is really simple so for anyone who’s interested I’ll have a photo up on the hat’s ravelry page!

P.s. Just got my photos back from development 🙂

China Love

DSC_0445I’m back! China was amazing. I had so much fun and I saw so much! More photos to come soon I promise. My film is being developed as we speak.


I’m gonna show you some of the stuff that I got while I was away. The above photo is a little purse that I got for 60 yuan, or €6.80 roughly. I also got a little thimble for my nana and really cool giant earrings for me. The fabric is silk. It’s fairly heavy, as in you could probably make a jacket out of it if you wanted, maybe an evening coat……

DSC_0449DSC_0451These two are both wools, for €12 for two meters each (and one of them’s italian wool) I think I did pretty well. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them yet but I’ll get back to you on that.

DSC_0452 DSC_0455I also got some calligraphy brushes, a small one and a big one. While we were in china we took a small calligraphy class, so now I can keep up my skills.

DSC_0458And I got myself some real pearls! Tested and everything. Just wanted to check back and show some of the cool stuff I got. would do a proper fabric post but I didn’t buy much. We did go to this huge market place where I got most of my stuff and part of that was a tailor area which was also sold there. You don’t really have to hunt for fabric there.

Post soon!


I have a question, I got this velvet last weekend and I’ve decided what to make with it but now I want to put lace with it and I don’t know which one (photos below)

This black cotton lace or…

This, a lace shoulder piece insertion. Below is the sketch.

It has a cowl back and a high front neckline, drawn in my fashionary.

Here is the lace with the velvet, I’m also thinking if I should use the lace at all.

Plus is it really obvious that I came up with the design immediatly after I watched downtown abbey! Mary’s wedding dress is gorgeous, and Sybils velvet one!

It’s not a great image but this is Mary’s wedding dress. I couldn’t find an image of the other dress but even if you watch a few episodes or even one just for the clothing, they are simply beautiful even if you don’t like period dramas just click mute!

By the way huge thanks to Gemma at submarines and sewing machines for the free add space! I was so happy that I was happy dancing around the place for an hour after ward!

Silk T-shirt

I actually made this ages ago but haven’t been able to photograph it. It’s top E from Happy Homemade Vol.1.

I got the fabric for this on sale in rubanesque. While I was there I saw the black lace trim so that was then added too.

When I first saw the top pattern I was afraid that it would look too stiff so I decided to make it in a fabric as light as possible but not chiffon (evil chiffon!- never use it unless really expierienced, you’ve been warned). I thougth that the fabric would be really tricky to sew but  it behaved and it I love the result.

Another first for this top was that I used french seams. First thing I was told by my Auntie was ‘use french seams’ , turns out they’re not actually that hard. Now i’m always using them! then and flat felled seams, zig-zag is gone.

This is defintely one of those items of clothing that I would pass to other sewing enthusiasts with joy and pride. This is defintely going to be one of my summer staples.

I have also made myself some birthday shorts which i’ll be posting shortly so stay tuned! I’ll leave you with this really cool artist that I saw recently,