2013 Pentax K-5 11 032

I love those times when you become happily obsessed with something, whether that be a book, a film, a blog or a song. In my case the obsession is with a song. I’ve recently found the website 8tracks, you simply choose a mood and genre and then playlists associated with your selections come up and you select your mix. I’d been using the site for about a week when I stumbled upon the song “sweater weather” by the neighbourhood. And I quickly, as I said above, became obsessed. It reminds me of summer while also making me think of winter. The above photo is how I look while listening to the song, in fact I listened to the song on repeat while taking these photos.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 040

I guess I should also talk a little about the actual cardigan. I started this a while ago as I wanted a warn cardigan that wasn’t oversized or really long. I chose the cardigan pattern out of this book. I did make a few modifications though. I knitted the three pieces, the back and two sides, together as one piece. I also knitted the sleeves in the round. It was quite fun to take a simple cardigan and change it into something a bit more interesting and unique.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 048

To make the final piece nicer I used a new technique. The three needle cast off, a method I learnt during work experience, it’s even my orange nails in the photos. Out of all the seemingly difficult knitting techniques to learn, this is by far the easiest and most useful. It gives a nice clean edge and you don’t have to sew up a shoulder seam either.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 013

2013 Pentax K-5 11 061

I also added some strips because I felt like it. In retro-spect it makes it look slightly 1973. Ah well, I still love it.

Also, in case you wanted to hear the song, there’s the link below.

Happy Christmas and may all your obsessions be bright!


Oldness is Goodness


I have a new skirt! Or rather new photos of a skirt. This skirt is actually two years old! And still looking as good as it did when it came off the sewing machine. I made it during the summer before I started this blog. And wow has it gotten a lot of wear. It’s small, comfy and cute. Works in summer with sandals and winter with tights.


I made the skirt at my beloved grafton academy and the fabric is from, of course murphy sheehys! So predicable I know, but if its not broke don’t fix it! The skirt is also V1247, made previously in denim (check out this version) and maroon. I just can’t get enough! This is actually version number 1. I’ve meant to get this up for a year but just havn’t managed to get photos up until now.


A back view. The only change is there is a lapped zipper. This being because this was before I knew the amazingness of metal zips and chose a hideous plastic one. The teachers was like “No, this will not do, you can’t show this hideousness to the world! We shall make it lapped!” She didn’t really, but that was what her face said!

I haven’t done this in ages but still, to end here’s some Haim. They’re a new American band that I’ve become obsessed with! This song is called “Don’t Save Me”.

A grey skirt

This is a late update but I wanted to show it. This is made with the Simplicity pattern 2512 by Cynthia Rowley. I love most of her patterns and have made several of them before. This is my second time making the pattern, the first was with turquoise-green linen fabric, I liked the fit but I made it badley and the material creased at every opportunity!

I wanted to show you both the front and back view as I love the green metal zip in the back. I still have to put a hook and eye into it but that’s for another day!

Here are the adjustments I made to the pattern.

1.) I sewed the front band together at the top instead of using binding. When I made this before the curve was very tricky to get right and I wasn’t a very advanced sewer.

2.) I made the front piece in two sections. I was making this from scraps and had no grainline or main piece to go by. I ended up compromising  some main pieces but I managed to have the band pieces as wholes.

3.) I took out the belt. I was simply too tired to add anything else and I used a metal zip instead of a invisible zip.

A close up of the band at the front and zip at the back.

Hopefully I’ll post something soon, I’m making a cowl of my own design, it’s very simple but I  might do up the instructions on a water colour paper with text underneath so that it can be translated by google translate.

I saw this on a big screen in the cinema and I wanted to share it even though people have probably seen it!