This blog is all about my hobbies, primarily sewing, yet there has been no mention of art, not even a whisper…

Why, well most of my art is very sketchy, quick and often with complete lack of proportion! Why the sudden attention in an otherwise blank subject, I’m doing an art course, rather a portfolio course. Surveying my future has led to the discovery that those colleges I wish to attend require proof.

Most of the drawing I’m doing in the course is still life, all still life, but it’s made it quite clear that I can contently sit and draw for a few hours a day (with tea breaks), that I can’t sleep (and I’ve tried this!) without some form of notebook and writing implement nearby. Even in my yen subscription the first thing I look for is the issues artist. All of my sewing and knitting extends from it. So I figure it’s worth a mention here.

I’ll be showing my collection booklet here soon, a few of the pieces should be familiar to you as I made it last year. I’m also going to do a monthly creativity post about what’s inspiring me, some awesome artist or photographer and a cool blogger too! Time to get creative!