Black Cardi


A new cardigan. You may remember the backround from this post! I was doing a mini photoshoot. The location was simply too good for only one post. I’ll show you some proper pics soon!


The cardigan was a bit of this that and the other. From a pattern but knitted on bigger needles and turned into a v-neck. There’s more info on ravelry. Although this was a huge mess of a project, it looked good but then I messed up the sleeves and it looks really baggy, I’m not super happy with it which is why you haven’t seen photos till now (it was finished in November) I know i’m terrible. I hope to have some more succesful projects soon!



Where’s my gold

I’ll explain the title later but here is my new jumper! I used rowan‘s seacapes book. I did a compleat copy of the origional but, the model had red hair, I have red hair. The model had brown eyes, I have brown eyes. She even has freckles, as you can probobly guess, I, like most Irish people have freckles. Well the jumper looked so cute on her that I thought it would look good on me. I have to say, I think I’m right! I love this thing. You’ve already seen it so many times in my me-made-holiday posts, I was living in it! You can find more info over on ravelry.

I know you can’t see it but in the backround there is a rainbow. Hence the title, I’m an irish redhead wearing a green jumper+ rainbow= where’s my pot of gold! Sorry for the really bad joke, but I would like to point out now that I am way too tall to be a lepricaun, but the ironey was too much 😀

I’ll continue my me-made-holiday soon! See part 1 here. Sorry for the delay but we decided to head down to Cork and Kerry for what we thought would be the last bit of summer, we were really lucky that the rain stayed away, for the most part..

A Summer Skirt

My new skirt! Finally something new that i’ve sewn. This is Vogue 1247, I also made it as like this.

I got the denim in my local fabric shop. I didn’t bothor to line the skirt because I didn’t want to. The inside of the denim is quite soft for denim anyway.

The jumper is also made by me(you can probobly tell), the jumper is a few years old but has a part wool in the yarn so it’s realllly warm!

One thing I love about this skirt is the pockets. They’re so comfy and although you can’t put too much in them they’re pefect for holding ipods or phones.

My absolute favourite piece of this skirt is the back. I was coming to the end of it and I thought it was looking rather….boring so I dug out an orange zip and button, now if I, for instance, tuck in my top, WHAM! Orange! Also if you’re wondering about the big band on the bottom it was because I think the skirt is a little too short for me so I added an extra three inches.

Thats it, hope you enjoyed, there’s more imformation on the jumper on ravelry.