Me-Made May 2014:week 2

Day 8
Day 8

Wore this cardigan as the temperature dropped a little.Day 9    Day 9

Wore an unblogged hoddie and spent a good while playing with the reflections as the lighting looked cool.

Day 10 Day 10

Wore a new denim skirt (which you can view more of here) while watching eurovison.

Day 11 Day 11
Spent the day studying but managed to grab a few minutes for some photos. Wearing this top.

Day 12 Day 12
Another day at the books but I wore a new dress to make myself feel better. The dress is yet to be blogged (isn’t that what summers are for?!)Day 13 Day 13
This is what I have entitled the study monster! And yes I did model this beautiful look in public and I am now sharing it here… It shows my wackier, book-crazed self! Wearing a simple black t-shirt that shall be shared soon.
Day 14

Day 14
The slog remains but it’s better when you can wear shorts.. Wearing this shirt.

Day 15 Day 15
Decided to once more wear shorts (new so unblogged) but the weather conspired against me and I had to wear tights with them… I also wore this top as I forgot how amazing it is.

Day 16 Day 16
We finally had our first day of sun! And man was it celebrated! My dad and I had burgers while appreciating a warm wind, then saw Godzilla (which is amazing! And not just for sci-fi geeks) and then watched the sun go down. I have a ton of beautiful photos too which shall be here soon. Wearing this top and some handmade bracelets.

I’ll try be back soon with more pictures, just have to survive through my exams first…


Me-Made May 2014:week 1

Day 1Day 1

This year I’ve decided to try and create some more interesting images, aka not all low light selfies in the sitting room, so this is my first try, I figure that you’ve seen most of these pieces and so a more “conceptual” (because I have no degree in photography whatsoever) approach would be favoured, hope you enjoy. Low-light, yes but a lightly more interesting pose and a tumblr style vibe as well.

Wearing this topDay 2 (2) Day 2

Did an improtu photoshoot in my room and decided to randomly brush my hair. This turned out to be one of the few shots I liked!

Wearing a new dress made over easter that shall come to the blog soon.Day 3DAY 3

When told to weed the garden one does not simply throw away the dandelions, one creates a bouquet of them and proceeds to attempt to model with them as well. Also there’s a reason why no-one likes dandelions, their smell is horrible!

Wearing this shirtDay 4Day 4

Spent the day at home studying so the main aim of this “look” was comfort. I then found a spot on our stairs and decided it was as good a place as any.

Wearing yet another new dress to be blogged soon.Day 5Day 5

Yes you can both pretend to model and study at the same time! Since most of these photos were taken either just before I went to bed or during my study break the worried weary faces can be accounted for. Here I’m looking over some technical drawing for an exam the next day.

Wearing a life saver of a t-shirt that shall be unveiled in the coming weeks.Day 6Day 6

What is that?! A smile? The only way that this was achieved was through happy thoughts of summer, thinking ice-cream and beaches and lots of spectacular sunsets… A good song helps…

Wearing another unseen… Sorry I went crazy over Easter and photographed nothing!Day 7

Day 7

I know my garden is not the most scenic, or beautiful place to shoot but it was sunny and I needed (!)/wanted some vitamin D!

Wearing my new fav.

      I’ll be back next week for the next line-up of “conceptual-ish” photos. Till then hope your having a good May so far!                                          P.s my birthday is only 15 days away…

Blustery Winds

2013 Pentax K-5 11 025

A new piece, a new post. The cold winds have started rolling in here, the other day, the only reason we didn’t have any frost was because the winds were too strong… What! But I think I can survive the mystical problem of Irish weather with this. I love cowls! For some reason they all seem to be blue, but the only problem with them is that they are either too bulky, or they don’t cover enough of my face. I find that most cowl pattern are for the cold, not the wind, and believe me that “plus wind chill factor” bit you always here on the weather forecast makes a huge difference!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 046

The wool is from my first trip at Winnie’s wool café, and let me tell you it is a cool place. Admittedly the wools are not as gorgeous as those at this is knit but they do have drops wool. Which is exactly what this cowl is made from. Drops alpaca to be exact and at only €2.50 for a 50 gram hank it was quickly mine. I used one hank of navy, and another of a light grey. I also used some mystery bright blue alpaca stuff from my stash to line the inside and cover up the colourwork.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 058

The pattern is quite simple, casting on using this technique, then knitting up in colourwork in the round, the pattern is basically a rotation of 3 stitches in one colour, then 1 stitch in the other, once you work the wanted length you do one purl row, so the front folds over, and then change to lining yarn. Continue down till the lining matches the length of the exterior, then undo the provisional cast on, transfer stitches to another set of circular needles and then use the 3-needle cast off to bind the two pieces together. And finished!

grid_42675_lgThe colourwork pattern.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 036

You can also look at the project over on ravelry.

Happy winters, may your tea never cool nor you biscuit packet ever diminish!

A textile lovers paradise

2013 Pentax K-5 11 045

It’s that time of year again. Arriving upon the gate of the RDS, the direction was soon clear by the bus fulls of ladys, all towards the same direction. The “click-clack” of knitting needles enticing me forward, to enter a new world of bliss, filled with luscious silks, warm wools and crazy soft cahmeres and angoras. Not only were the wools jumping from every direction claiming “buy me! buy me!” but there was also plenty to intrigue all crafters. It was a textiles extravaganza, with fabrics, threads, dyes, books and notions, leaving out of course the amazing displays by both craft experts and up and coming designers. The above photo is from the Patchwork Societies exhibition. There were many amazing quilts but the blues in this one really struck me.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 050

Many of the fashion colleges from around the country had exhibitions within the show. Colleges such as NCAD and LIT. I’ve heard of these colleges before but not the Belfast school of art. I really loved what they had on show. It was all so interesting, the photography, the projects, they even had concept books beside, which I near squealed at!2013 Pentax K-5 11 047

These gorgeous pieces are by Oliver Docherty. I’ve been lucky enough to not live with horrible macramé  hangings, I’ve seen them in some holiday homes, so I do know their hideousness. These dresses however, are stunning. The above dress is worked with what I think is some type of leather cord, and the one below is made of straw. I love how unusual the material and tecknique is, it’s almost made me interested in testing out the skill the myself…. For now though I think I’ll leave it to the experts!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 048

2013 Pentax K-5 11 052

Onto the yarn, you didn’t I could just look, could you?, my willpower to buying beautiful textiles is 0! The first picture is of some testing I’m doing. It’s a mixture of some aran weight charcoal tweed, with some green rowan mohair-ish wool in a cabled concoction. I’m thinking a polo neck jumper for some time in the future, but who knows if that will happen!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 075

The next piece of wool needed an extra special photo for an extra special brand. Coolree are an irish yarn brand. All of their wools are hand dyed in Ireland. I’ve seen their wools several times before but I never seemed to pick up a hank. I couldn’t let the opportunity of a whole stall of these colourful wisps to go by, this peach piece came how and I’m still trying to figure out what pattern will do it any justice. Any suggestions?

2013 Pentax K-5 11 077

And last but not least and ball of the tweed. I originally got it to create something colour blocked with the grey but changed my mind after my experiment. Now it will probably become a Christmas gift…

p.s. I wore my wrap skirt to the show, because I have a weird tradition of creating a new garment to wear specifically to these shows.

Nostalgia’s a’ comin

2013 Pentax K-5 11 0502013 Pentax K-5 11 0392013 Pentax K-5 11 0432013 Pentax K-5 11 065

My favourite time of day is when the clouds begin to change colour and the sky turns dark, pity its a terrible time to take pictures. With superfast film speed I can tackle it but while still figuring out my new camera its a bit of a struggle…

The whole shoot was something of nostalgia for me as this was one of my early knits, when I finally overcame my fears of cables. The wool was bought while I was in Galway and reminds me a really fun afternoon walking around the town taking photos, when I was still figuring out how all the manual settings worked.

The pattern is a freebee but a goodie. I remember a few issues with the pattern but they were based around the border bit of the scarf. I just did stockinette. The cable pattern was really easy to memorise and the way they sneak and twirl around each other still makes me wear it. If you don’t believe me on how old this scarf is check out the ravelry page.

I promise more photos in daylight (fingers crossed, I make no such promises!) and a proper post on my new camera. If you want to see some more photos by my new device I recently joined flickr too. And it’s holiday time so I can sew and read and sip tea all day long!

Socks again

DSC_0420DSC_0415DSC_0430DSC_0434I’ve made myself some new socks. I havent ventured into this field for a while but I felt it was time for a change. I’ve slowly built up a fairly substantial collection of hand knit pieces, all except for socks. After my first attempt I wasn’t so pleased with the result. In my eyes they seemed badly made, too loose a stitch, didn’t quite fit right. It was time to try again. And I’m so happy I did. The final result is much better, good stitch tension, fit and the colours.. well I nearly considered some form of cowl because of the dyes… They were so succesful that I’ve casted on another pair of ankle socks in the same wool!

Here’s to warm feet and beautiful socks!

Knitted Bracelet


I’ve made myself a new bracelet. My machine is at the moment out of commission… So I needed another craft. I’ve already made a ton of friendship bracelets so I decided to try a new spin, knitted jewellery. I find I’m one of those seasonal knitters. During winter I just want to feel soft strands through my fingers and during summer woven fabrics through my sewing machine. However I do still get the urge to pick up my needles every now and again, and this came to be! The texture is quite cool, not your typical knitting wool but it is! I simply used four strands of regular cotton 4-ply wool, then with size 10mm needles cast on 16 sts, knit one row, then cast off. After that some jump rings and chain and finished! There may be a slightly less slap-dash post on the construction in the future but for now I’m gonna sit and watch the Glastonbury festival on BBC.