The Perfect Blue

2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 3544 The return of the Kate Bush frizz! I know that my hair is a large feature of my photos but “if you’ve got flaunt it!”. This is my last set of garment photos form Sweden. 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 3551 This dress was origionally made for my birthday, back in….May. Sorry about not posting sooner but when the sun is out I just want to run to the beach and eat ice cream. These photos were taken just outside our rental house, amid the trees. I quite like the light green hues of this backround, and the subtle shafts of sunlight. 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 3569 The fabric is a lightweight poly knit from Paris. I wanted to make a simple jersey dress, as anything less then this casual is not worn. The fabric was also used in this top. I didn’t like the white in a dress so I dyed it. That was a fun experience… I had an indigo dye kit but Im still not great on chemical percentages and as such so I used the entire bundle, which was to dye 25 t-shirts. So I dyed this top, two meters of linen and over 1000g of yarn, except the chemicals made everything in my bucket look green.. A horrible bright green. Thankfully I just needed to take the pieces out of the dye bucket and then they turned blue again. But the scare of ruining that much fabric and yarn (it was two meters of gorgeous natural linen!)2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 3561 Well I have yet more pictures but I think I’ll find some non-Sweden ones for some interest. Ill be back soon.


Me-Made May 2014:week 3

Day 18 Day 17

Went out about town to buy some birthday gifts as May is the season of birthdays.

Wearing this skirt and my jacket.

Day 19 Day 18

Had a day of hitting the books and so I decided to dance come photo time, just hit the volume to max on my headphones and headed to the attic!

Wearing a super simple top that has yet to make an appearance on the blog.Day 20 Day 19

The temperature cooled just a little bit but I’ve already declared that the season of bare legs to of begun so I just wore a jumper instead.

Decided to wear this skirt again.

Day 21 Day 21

Sorry for the depressed look but this was taken the day before exams and as you can tell, I’m not too excited about them.

Wearing this skirt.Day 24 Day 24

Happy birthday to me! We spent the day about town trying to forget about exams and also tried to coax the sun to come out as well.

Wearing a new dress especially made for the day that shall be here soon.Day 25 Day 25

Once the sun decided to come out I simply had to enjoy it, so my dad and I headed to the beach to try and skim rocks and dip toes into the ocean. Thankfully the water was shallow enough that you could actually walk in without getting frozen.

Wearing a new denim skirt that shall be coming here in a little bit.2014 Pentax K-5 11 010Day 26

I was feeling lazy (I’d had my physics exam earlier that day) and just wore some hand made friendship bracelets.2014 Pentax K-5 11 074Day 27

Relaxed and studied away while awaiting the next set of exams.

Wearing this skirt.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 104 Day 28

Nearly free! Had an art history exam that worked out well and then walked home in the sunshine, the loom of summer was so near that I decided to take some photos outside for a change.

Wearing this top.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 230 Day 29

I felt a little dance was in order for the freedom that I had acquired! No more exams or studies! Three whole months to do whatever I wanted in (which shall in part include a new collection, mood boards to come shortly!). My mum and I had a nice meal talking about the existence of raspberries (with maple syrup and drop scones or with chocolate moose), chocolate moose with raspberries was on the desert menu and so the universe, for once decided the debacle of whether or not to get desert!

Wearing a new denim skirt and black t-shirt.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 029 Day 30

First day of freedom! And I did what makes me happiest, made a new top and photographed it the very same day! That night I went out for dinner in the hard rock café, the night included “stolen” polaroids (masterfully stuck together with the grease of our burgers) serenades of Whitney Houston songs and some late night dancing on the streets of Dublin! All captured with a plucky fisheye and its frightening flash!

Wearing a new top/ t-shirt that shall be making it’s debut shortly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my me-made-may posts, sorry for the delay but it’s already turned out to be a busy summer!

I’ve learned from the month that you can never have enough t-shirts, or shorts! That I’m very bad at wearing old cloths or anything remotely fancy or without stretch. My summer shall, in light of this, be filled with comfy, town appropriate, shorts, nice t-shirts and hopefully some casual shirts to make me look that slight bit smarter! I also promise no “grumpy teenager” expressions, only the crazed three year old’s smile!

Happy summer to everyone on holidays! And for anyone who’s not at least the day are longer, the skirts are shorter and the rain is warmer!

Humble beginnings


Round-up, round-up, time for that yearly blog post to summarise the evolution over the last 12 months. This last year has led to many new and exciting events. I’ve picked up 50 followers since those early days and this year have created 20 pieces. I nearly reached a hundred views one day and also got to work with some amazing people for my work experience. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life, may of seemed obvious to others be we all need a little self doubt. I received my first blog award and completed my first me made may.

photo (4)

I’ve also included some new topics which I’m looking forward to developing.


I’ve made lots of clothes! Including my first jacket and I have a much better understanding of pattern drafting, only two of the things I’ve made this year were not my own patterns.


I’ve delved more into the world of photography, with monthly film photography posts and finally figuring out how manual mode works (I recently even got my own DSLR, it’s barely left my grip). I tested out a few photoshoots too.

DSC_0366 copy

I have of course kept up with my knitting, choosing more intricate pieces and using smaller needles. I’ve focussed more on quality and even attempted making my own patterns a few times, usually to great effect.


Now I’m moving onwards and upwards, making some new plans and diving into unknown waters. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another year….



Happy second blogoversary


“Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event.”

Oscar Wilde

So today, this exact day two years ago was when I started this blog, now over 200 posts later I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve done. It’s so rewarding to make anything or to take a photograph of it, but to then be able to release it in my little corner of the internet and have people appreciate it, that’s the best feeling ever. Thanks for these amazing two years and here’s to many more!

This photo is of a triple chocolate cake I made for a friends birthday complete with nuttella on top and chocolate butter icing in the middle, yes I am that friend who make their friends things for gifts instead of buying them! I’ll be back soon with a round-up post of the year soon.

Birthday top

DSC_0094I have a new top! With sleeves, and my own dyed creation. There were small hints to this during me-made-may. I originally had a dress planned for my birthday,as my new tradition is to make or wear something new for my birthday, this year was no different.. The day before my birthday my dress was looking frumpy and unwearable so I changed tactics. The day before that I had dyed a ton of fabric (didn’t you know summer was fabric dying season!) including some natural linen. I was pondering a simple scout, and that’s what I made. I added in some improv pleats at the shoulders for a bit of difference and some cute floral binding from my stash that I bought in Paris,and voila, birthday girl content!DSC_0092The fabric was a bit of an experiment. It was a natural linen that I got from my nana that has been lingering in my stash waiting for it’s time to shine. I had forgotten about the fabric altogether since it was plain and boring and white, I’m not a fan of un-patterned white, easy to stain, not much interest, I’m more of colourful person. So it was forgotten, until I was tidying fabrics into a new home when I stumbled on this stuff again, into the dying bucket it went! I didn’t even iron the thoroughly creased linen, but this only created more interest. Now it has futuristic lines where the fabric was creased. I’m super happy with the final result. DSC_0090The pattern is grainline’s scout t-shirt, but not really.It’s been subjected to my terrible grading and the sleeves were lost so I used my sleeve blocks. This version was actually based on this tank from last year. The pattern still fits well thankfully! I’m also wearing this necklace.

On another note I’m going to the grafton next week! I finally get to make a super cool woven fabric jacket, like this but for way way less! I also loved it being worn by this girl too! Think brown and black wools, slightly lightweight = a nice transition jacket for spring or Irish summers, although this summer has been amazing so far, I know most people would consider 20 degrees as cold-ish but in Ireland it’s perfect beach weather! I’ll have more news soon, but for the moment I’ll leave with this track that I’ve been currently obsessing with.



My birthday was last week on Thursday so I decided to take some pics of my  gifts. This is a 1930’s camera that I got. i actually first saw it and fell in love. There was a guy selling them in,0,1165564616374958680&ei=FFTGT83zIs6YhQfk85SxBQ&oi=local_result&sqi=2&ved=0CDAQ_BIwBw

Sorry about the link but it won’t turn out right, anyway so I squeeled in joy when I first saw this guy’s stall. He also had 1950’s cameras and even 1920’s pinhole cameras. I know where I’ll ask for my christmas gifts!

I also got these. During my trip in Scotland we passed a little shop where they bound their own notebooks. They also had cute jewlery at the back and classes in the evenings. I love the covers and my mom got an A5 and an A4. the smaller one has leather along the side. I’ve already started filling the smaller one but I’m saving the larger one for my summer holidays as I’m in exam mode at the moment.

I also got some books from my dad. Art deco architecture, ahhh… my dad knows me well. And the fashion design book I just drooled over it. It has tons of designs by all the main designers and some of their mood boards are….. AWE- worthy.

This was another item that was got in Scotland. While we were in Edinburgh my mom took me to this altra cool, altra expensive knitting shop. She saw, she swarmed, she asked. My mom actually got it for  me, I was so excited when I opened the packadge. I immediately  started knitting this shall. My mom got this pattern book a while back but so far none of the projects have been made from it. I’ve been knitting it since Euro Vision.

Last of all I wanted to show you my ring. It’s apparently an antique indian ring. I love, the stone is so cool is it not! And it fits perfectly, I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it 😀 It’s now officially my favourite piece of jewlery.

That’s my birthday round-up, I have made a super-cute Liberty tank too, which I’ll show within the week. I have the pics so see ya…

Birthday shorts!

Sorry in advance for blinding whiteness of my legs! It’s Ireland that gets nearly no sun and summer has only just started. Thankfully though there has been a small  heat wave for the past few days.

I got the fabric for these during my trip to Scotland. It’s fairly lightweight so I had to line these. I used new look 6100 and after reading Dixe DIY‘s crotch guide and seeing that these looked good I dicided to make myself a pair of them.

I like how they turned out. I was hemming them the night before my birthday so that I could wear them. Then the day came and I was told it could be one of the warmest days of the year and I swear I didn’t plan to make them because i knew about the weather!

I have a new half-liberty, half-linen tank nearly finished so expect to see it soon!