Me-Made May 2014:week 2

Day 8
Day 8

Wore this cardigan as the temperature dropped a little.Day 9    Day 9

Wore an unblogged hoddie and spent a good while playing with the reflections as the lighting looked cool.

Day 10 Day 10

Wore a new denim skirt (which you can view more of here) while watching eurovison.

Day 11 Day 11
Spent the day studying but managed to grab a few minutes for some photos. Wearing this top.

Day 12 Day 12
Another day at the books but I wore a new dress to make myself feel better. The dress is yet to be blogged (isn’t that what summers are for?!)Day 13 Day 13
This is what I have entitled the study monster! And yes I did model this beautiful look in public and I am now sharing it here… It shows my wackier, book-crazed self! Wearing a simple black t-shirt that shall be shared soon.
Day 14

Day 14
The slog remains but it’s better when you can wear shorts.. Wearing this shirt.

Day 15 Day 15
Decided to once more wear shorts (new so unblogged) but the weather conspired against me and I had to wear tights with them… I also wore this top as I forgot how amazing it is.

Day 16 Day 16
We finally had our first day of sun! And man was it celebrated! My dad and I had burgers while appreciating a warm wind, then saw Godzilla (which is amazing! And not just for sci-fi geeks) and then watched the sun go down. I have a ton of beautiful photos too which shall be here soon. Wearing this top and some handmade bracelets.

I’ll try be back soon with more pictures, just have to survive through my exams first…



2013 Pentax K-5 11 032

I love those times when you become happily obsessed with something, whether that be a book, a film, a blog or a song. In my case the obsession is with a song. I’ve recently found the website 8tracks, you simply choose a mood and genre and then playlists associated with your selections come up and you select your mix. I’d been using the site for about a week when I stumbled upon the song “sweater weather” by the neighbourhood. And I quickly, as I said above, became obsessed. It reminds me of summer while also making me think of winter. The above photo is how I look while listening to the song, in fact I listened to the song on repeat while taking these photos.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 040

I guess I should also talk a little about the actual cardigan. I started this a while ago as I wanted a warn cardigan that wasn’t oversized or really long. I chose the cardigan pattern out of this book. I did make a few modifications though. I knitted the three pieces, the back and two sides, together as one piece. I also knitted the sleeves in the round. It was quite fun to take a simple cardigan and change it into something a bit more interesting and unique.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 048

To make the final piece nicer I used a new technique. The three needle cast off, a method I learnt during work experience, it’s even my orange nails in the photos. Out of all the seemingly difficult knitting techniques to learn, this is by far the easiest and most useful. It gives a nice clean edge and you don’t have to sew up a shoulder seam either.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 013

2013 Pentax K-5 11 061

I also added some strips because I felt like it. In retro-spect it makes it look slightly 1973. Ah well, I still love it.

Also, in case you wanted to hear the song, there’s the link below.

Happy Christmas and may all your obsessions be bright!

The “I just wanna get out” Dress

2013 Pentax K-5 11 051

2013 Pentax K-5 11 088

So this is a very old dress, from around a year ago, when I was starting drafting. It’s a A-line shape but with a bit of a twist. It’s made with a dart-less block so the shape is very simple, and really quick to make. But since it’s made with a velvet with a lace overlay it’s a bit more classic.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 058

I originally made this dress for Christmas last year, being the bold seamstress who sews up her hems on Christmas morning. But it was finished for then, so why has this only been photographed now…Well without coming up with too many excuses I’ve been lazy and busy. It’s way too cold to wear this outdoors in December and January, and it’s too warm for Summer, also there’s not so many places to wear a dress such as this. Recently I’ve been hinting at a new camera, and I’ve also fallen in love with this blog, the result is a missing tripod, and some haphazard modelling poses (my tip, listen to music as it makes your expressions more genuine). Also a lot of eyeliner has been used recently as well….. I think the result is worth it though.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 072

As for the “interesting” styling, I’m aiming at grunge, I don’t really do pretty little dresses so it’s only natural to include a scarf, an over-sized blouse and a heavy wool coat. I think it works, or maybe it’s just the un-brushed hair and dazed expression that pulls it together…

2013 Pentax K-5 11 114

But the dress, the velvet is from, as always Murphy Sheehy’s, it was hiding towards the back of the shop, whispering “buy me…buy me…” and well for €15 I couldn’t go wrong. The lace is from Paris, a little bit more exotic. It was again, hiding, but it too came home with me. I’m still utterly in love with it, the paisley, the combination of it with the velvet, the shape, how it’s slightly wider then the under layer. It’s possibly the most pretty thing I own, and the only evening dress I have. Now all I need is some long black gloves or lacy fingerless ones, maybe I should start these.. but that’s for another day!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 081

Blustery Winds

2013 Pentax K-5 11 025

A new piece, a new post. The cold winds have started rolling in here, the other day, the only reason we didn’t have any frost was because the winds were too strong… What! But I think I can survive the mystical problem of Irish weather with this. I love cowls! For some reason they all seem to be blue, but the only problem with them is that they are either too bulky, or they don’t cover enough of my face. I find that most cowl pattern are for the cold, not the wind, and believe me that “plus wind chill factor” bit you always here on the weather forecast makes a huge difference!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 046

The wool is from my first trip at Winnie’s wool café, and let me tell you it is a cool place. Admittedly the wools are not as gorgeous as those at this is knit but they do have drops wool. Which is exactly what this cowl is made from. Drops alpaca to be exact and at only €2.50 for a 50 gram hank it was quickly mine. I used one hank of navy, and another of a light grey. I also used some mystery bright blue alpaca stuff from my stash to line the inside and cover up the colourwork.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 058

The pattern is quite simple, casting on using this technique, then knitting up in colourwork in the round, the pattern is basically a rotation of 3 stitches in one colour, then 1 stitch in the other, once you work the wanted length you do one purl row, so the front folds over, and then change to lining yarn. Continue down till the lining matches the length of the exterior, then undo the provisional cast on, transfer stitches to another set of circular needles and then use the 3-needle cast off to bind the two pieces together. And finished!

grid_42675_lgThe colourwork pattern.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 036

You can also look at the project over on ravelry.

Happy winters, may your tea never cool nor you biscuit packet ever diminish!

Nostalgia’s a’ comin

2013 Pentax K-5 11 0502013 Pentax K-5 11 0392013 Pentax K-5 11 0432013 Pentax K-5 11 065

My favourite time of day is when the clouds begin to change colour and the sky turns dark, pity its a terrible time to take pictures. With superfast film speed I can tackle it but while still figuring out my new camera its a bit of a struggle…

The whole shoot was something of nostalgia for me as this was one of my early knits, when I finally overcame my fears of cables. The wool was bought while I was in Galway and reminds me a really fun afternoon walking around the town taking photos, when I was still figuring out how all the manual settings worked.

The pattern is a freebee but a goodie. I remember a few issues with the pattern but they were based around the border bit of the scarf. I just did stockinette. The cable pattern was really easy to memorise and the way they sneak and twirl around each other still makes me wear it. If you don’t believe me on how old this scarf is check out the ravelry page.

I promise more photos in daylight (fingers crossed, I make no such promises!) and a proper post on my new camera. If you want to see some more photos by my new device I recently joined flickr too. And it’s holiday time so I can sew and read and sip tea all day long!

West Coast Sweden Looks

2013 Sweden Summer 007

Day 1:

We just settled into our house, main activity of the day was buying some swim gear, cause someone may of forgotten to pack theirs…. We also had some lovely sun (it had been raining the previous week) so I made sure to laze in it as much of it as possible!

Wearing my navy top.

2013 Sweden Summer 059

Day 2

Day at the beach. All beach gear under arm we headed to the sea. The weather was beautiful again, even over 23 degrees! Swam around for ages then caught 27 crabs! I released them back to the sea have no fear, but I did get a photo of all of them before they went back to their dark homes. This was taken in a nearby café that is also near an art gallery where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Wearing my black cardigan.

2013 Sweden Summer 075

Day 3

We went on a yarn shopping day, basically. Our first stop was Stenungsund for one yarn shop. They had tons of stuff, including some rather nice sock yarn, cool ribbon for a strap and local grey wool, which all came home with me! For the good price of €24! Then to Uddevalla. It’s a really beautiful town. There is an oldtown square made of cobble stones and a canal near there as well. In the sunshine it’s even more beautiful and a brilliant place to stroll. Another plus there one of the most affordable quality yarn shops ive ever seen. €5 for 200g (600m) of 4ply 100% cotton wool… I thought it was a deal!

Then I start to fade out, it was holidays after all! The next day we went to the city for some shopping, lots of wonderous sales, unfortunately no fabric, over €20 for 1 meter, I think not! But some delish mushroom risotto and ginormous kannelbulle!

2013 Sweden Summer 081

Day 5

A very chilled day with some drawing in the morning and some Daim icecreams later on. the highlight was some very nice fish (NOT herring) at Salt & Sill (translated to Salt and herring). They have a lot of herring there,  guess its in the name, “but what is in a name…” but they also have some delicious fish and they give you a little amuse bush before your meal, tres fancy. not for every night but fun to have a little dress up!

Wearing my Grey top


Day 6

Boat day! The good thing about where we go is that boating is a near national hobby on the west coast of Sweden. Filled with lots of pretty villages along the coast, all serving shell fish and strawberries and ice cream (the summer diet) the other good thing is that my dads friend who also lives there owns a boat.. so off we went!. The weather seemed to notice it was a boat day too and we had sunny skies all day. With quick stops where old navy ships were anchored for lunch to sandy alcoves for quick dips in the sea. Even a small jellyfish sting didn’t ruin my mood (I did get to find out im not allergic) Then we stopped at another older town called Marstrand. It has some really pretty scenery and a fort for the man crèche! We walked around to see the smugglers passage from the areas old days and had a heroic mission to try to find a smugglers caves, to no avail Im afraid.. Then we had some yummy dinner of sushi and seafood pizza, not at the same time though. Finally a beautiful dusk to take a million photos is (I just got them back and blue looks photoshoped) It was  a simply spectacular day!

Me at the smugglers passage wearing my grey tank and some cut off jeans.

2013 Sweden Summer 091

Day 7

Travel day, it was time to say goodbye to the chilled times of the west coast and head to the self dubbed “capital of Scandinavia” Stockholm. We took a car up the way with few breaks besides stopping at a small village just an hour outside of Stockholm. unfortunately it was a sunday and past 3 o’clock so most places were closed but we managed to get some late lunch at a café/ ceramics place. think delicious cakes, cute teas served on gorgeously minimalistic plates. Not that it was sparse just uncluttered, the type of place you could sit and read with some tea on a sunday afternoon or a weekday off. There was also a mini ceramics exhibition next door so we got ‘pretend’ we saw some sites too! Then some walking around the village to investigate all the winding streets and pretty harbors by the edge of the town. In the end we had to leave for our final destination Stockholm though. At Stockholm we had some dinner and then relaxed in our room with some Game of Thrones (so many cheep box sets in Sweden!)

Next part up next week, with my attempts to be more fashionable for one of my favourite street style cities!

Knitted Bracelet


I’ve made myself a new bracelet. My machine is at the moment out of commission… So I needed another craft. I’ve already made a ton of friendship bracelets so I decided to try a new spin, knitted jewellery. I find I’m one of those seasonal knitters. During winter I just want to feel soft strands through my fingers and during summer woven fabrics through my sewing machine. However I do still get the urge to pick up my needles every now and again, and this came to be! The texture is quite cool, not your typical knitting wool but it is! I simply used four strands of regular cotton 4-ply wool, then with size 10mm needles cast on 16 sts, knit one row, then cast off. After that some jump rings and chain and finished! There may be a slightly less slap-dash post on the construction in the future but for now I’m gonna sit and watch the Glastonbury festival on BBC.