Birthday top

DSC_0094I have a new top! With sleeves, and my own dyed creation. There were small hints to this during me-made-may. I originally had a dress planned for my birthday,as my new tradition is to make or wear something new for my birthday, this year was no different.. The day before my birthday my dress was looking frumpy and unwearable so I changed tactics. The day before that I had dyed a ton of fabric (didn’t you know summer was fabric dying season!) including some natural linen. I was pondering a simple scout, and that’s what I made. I added in some improv pleats at the shoulders for a bit of difference and some cute floral binding from my stash that I bought in Paris,and voila, birthday girl content!DSC_0092The fabric was a bit of an experiment. It was a natural linen that I got from my nana that has been lingering in my stash waiting for it’s time to shine. I had forgotten about the fabric altogether since it was plain and boring and white, I’m not a fan of un-patterned white, easy to stain, not much interest, I’m more of colourful person. So it was forgotten, until I was tidying fabrics into a new home when I stumbled on this stuff again, into the dying bucket it went! I didn’t even iron the thoroughly creased linen, but this only created more interest. Now it has futuristic lines where the fabric was creased. I’m super happy with the final result. DSC_0090The pattern is grainline’s scout t-shirt, but not really.It’s been subjected to my terrible grading and the sleeves were lost so I used my sleeve blocks. This version was actually based on this tank from last year. The pattern still fits well thankfully! I’m also wearing this necklace.

On another note I’m going to the grafton next week! I finally get to make a super cool woven fabric jacket, like this but for way way less! I also loved it being worn by this girl too! Think brown and black wools, slightly lightweight = a nice transition jacket for spring or Irish summers, although this summer has been amazing so far, I know most people would consider 20 degrees as cold-ish but in Ireland it’s perfect beach weather! I’ll have more news soon, but for the moment I’ll leave with this track that I’ve been currently obsessing with.