Again and Again

2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 014 Do you ever find something perfect, so perfect that you need to experience it again and again, such as that brilliant song, that killer blog and that new top. In my case, the repeat is this hoodie. 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 033 Before my recent obsession with black I was in love with all things grey. I was also in need of a hoodie as the only ones I own are either logoed with “Old Navy” or Nike symbols. I had to rectify this and so this hoodie was made.2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 029 The fabric was a purchase from last year, a super soft fleece lined cotton-poly mix. The outside is nearly as soft as the inside but since I made this back in March the fabric has started to pile a little. The gold zip was another acquisition from Sweden which I simply couldn’t pass up on, it has little golden specks in the fabric of the zip and the actual metal of the zip looks golden too! The contrast between the gold and grey always makes me smile too!2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 015 I also wanna take a quick moment to describe these photos. This year the house we rented had a pier attached to it, we were also between two islands so sunset times were truly spectacular. Another thing that I love about Scandinavian sunsets it their length, often it takes a good hour between the time the sun begins to set to when it falls beneath the horizon. Thus those amazing red and yellow skies last that bit longer.2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden Summer 006

These photos are just the first in a line of sets and sunsets, there will be more! Also in the line of Scandinavian repeats is this song, enjoy.


October Photography

IMG_0017 IMG_0020 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0031Just in time for the end of the month! These are my last photos from summer. I still have more rolls to develop but these are the last shots I took of those all too far away summer days. Beginning with some really fun days around town. I spent a day with a friend just walking around, from temple bar to Grafton street, to later stop in a park and chat about books for an hour. The last three are then from my favourite  lighting, dusk. My dad wanted to take some photos of a cruise ship so I joined him and I’m so glad I did. I had 800 speed film so the shots came out super crisp but with a white light that I’m slightly obsessed by! I’ll be back soon with some mechanical upgrades to brag about, eg new camera and….. a sewing machine with a special story!


Nostalgia’s a’ comin

2013 Pentax K-5 11 0502013 Pentax K-5 11 0392013 Pentax K-5 11 0432013 Pentax K-5 11 065

My favourite time of day is when the clouds begin to change colour and the sky turns dark, pity its a terrible time to take pictures. With superfast film speed I can tackle it but while still figuring out my new camera its a bit of a struggle…

The whole shoot was something of nostalgia for me as this was one of my early knits, when I finally overcame my fears of cables. The wool was bought while I was in Galway and reminds me a really fun afternoon walking around the town taking photos, when I was still figuring out how all the manual settings worked.

The pattern is a freebee but a goodie. I remember a few issues with the pattern but they were based around the border bit of the scarf. I just did stockinette. The cable pattern was really easy to memorise and the way they sneak and twirl around each other still makes me wear it. If you don’t believe me on how old this scarf is check out the ravelry page.

I promise more photos in daylight (fingers crossed, I make no such promises!) and a proper post on my new camera. If you want to see some more photos by my new device I recently joined flickr too. And it’s holiday time so I can sew and read and sip tea all day long!

May Photography





Continuing on, some photos from my summer holidays last year. Sweden, Stockholm. One of favourite cities in the world. The top photo is a sculpture in the central shopping square, near Åhléns. The second photo is one of the many ethereal statues scattered throughout the city. This one near the museum island I think. The third photo is another little statue and though it looks very photograph worthy there were dozens of these around the place. The last photo is from the medieval, or older part of the city,  Gamla stan. Here you can walk cobblestone streets, pass little independent shops but the main street is seriously busy and touristy, particularly during summer. This sign is one of cute things you can see here.

Me-made-may is coming, just have to  organise the photos and links. This weekend as well I’m heading up to Belfast and then on Sunday off to Bloom. Summer has finally come so I’m gonna savour every moment of it! Also have any of you seen the Great Gatsby, so good. The dresses are so beautiful too! So I shall leave you with my favourite song off the soundtrack…

Dreaming of Summer….

I recently got back some pictures of my summer holidays from my local camera shop, I’m awful for not getting them developed sooner but seeing them now while it’s a windy and rainy outside is more pleasing I think!

During my holidays I went into an obsession with clouds. I got this little fisheye camera for my birthday and that little guy makes clouds look even cooler then in the shot above!

A sneeky little self portrait here!

I cut and finished a top today too but it was too dark to take a picture of it by the time I had finished! I’m off for a few days to use my nana’s sewing machine. I’m making the top on the left in a super light and see through navy silk. I think with all the ruffles it will work out well.

That’s all for now folks!