Winter is coming

2014 Pentax K-5 11 094 Prepare yourselves! Winter is coming! And I have made myself a coat, and I’ve taken a million pictures of it… Well it is the coat of my dreams. Loose and swingy and of so structured! I’m particularly pleased with the collar, say hello to my first drafted collar. 2014 Pentax K-5 11 036 This is my favourite coat so far, I’ve always wanted a very oversized yet structured coat, I have already made a grandad coat, which I also love to pieces but I needed something new and a little bit more refined. This coat fulfills that purpose.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 039

 The pattern is new for me as it’s been drawn up with new tailoring blocks, because my old ones were getting weird with the darts. I also made my first drafted collar, so it’s as smart as a suit! The general shape of the coat wasn’t dufficult but having my bust dart hidden under the collar and getting the front to sit flat were little problems to deal with.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 053

The fabric was last years Christmas gift, from Murphy sheehy’s, of course. My love for them continues each day! It’s a felted wool with a slight tartan pattern, there is a base of charcoal grey with the plaid being in a deep navy. I was already in love with the mix of grey and navy, but throw in my new-found love of all things tartan and I was sold!

2014 Pentax K-5 11 070

The coat was a good sew. The wool took the ease in the collar and sleeves like a dream, it sits ‘just so’ and I’m a bit obsessed with the hang of it. Another feature that I love is the button holes and the welt pockets. Both made in leather, it was possibly a bit ambitious for my first giete button hole and welt pocket, but the detail really does add to the coat though.

2014 Pentax K-5 11 143

Overall I’m thrilled with this coat, so thrilled that I wore it during the end of summer, despite my ridiculous combinations with shorts and Birkenstocks… This combined with Coddington styled hair (out to my shoulders!) I always got looks walking around town!


The reason for having friends (in a makers opinion)

2013 Pentax K-5 11 016 2013 Pentax K-5 11 023

It’s my friends birthday today so I decided to make her a little something special… She had a little get-together on Saturday where we all watched horror films, followed by Christmas movies, followed by some truly scary songs and dancing from youtube. Then when nearly everyone had left we started making fudge, or “butter with sugar” as the recipe really is, figuring, heck yeah we can so make our own cook book. Note we failed at melting chocolate only about 2 hours earlier…

I quickly decided to make something for her gift, it is my forte after all (same friend). I’ve done a little bit of jewellery making, only in a sense of, thread this single bead on this long, pre-fastened chain, and some friendship bracelets. This was new and exciting, I love the idea of beading but there’s a lot of gaining the proper beads which I’m not very good at. The ones I used were some of my mums, I chose them because they’re really similar in colour to my friends eyes, I then found the perfect wool to do a little fishtail to fasten. A little homage to my friendship bracelet making days… I also made a little jewellery bag to go with cause, when a girl can sew, why shouldn’t she sew? The little bag was a little drawstring with some braided embroidery thread as string. This is one of the nicest gifts I’ve given, and she liked it too, job well done I think.

Also the card was one of first dives into Microsoft Publisher, I always use office, and I have to say for the card it made life a whole lot easier (there’s a photo collage inside)!

P.s. I also got her some tea, I’ve converted her to my mint tea habits!

P.p.s I’ve recently joined flickr, you can check out my page here, or click on the widget on the side.

China Love

DSC_0445I’m back! China was amazing. I had so much fun and I saw so much! More photos to come soon I promise. My film is being developed as we speak.


I’m gonna show you some of the stuff that I got while I was away. The above photo is a little purse that I got for 60 yuan, or €6.80 roughly. I also got a little thimble for my nana and really cool giant earrings for me. The fabric is silk. It’s fairly heavy, as in you could probably make a jacket out of it if you wanted, maybe an evening coat……

DSC_0449DSC_0451These two are both wools, for €12 for two meters each (and one of them’s italian wool) I think I did pretty well. I’m not sure what I’ll make with them yet but I’ll get back to you on that.

DSC_0452 DSC_0455I also got some calligraphy brushes, a small one and a big one. While we were in china we took a small calligraphy class, so now I can keep up my skills.

DSC_0458And I got myself some real pearls! Tested and everything. Just wanted to check back and show some of the cool stuff I got. would do a proper fabric post but I didn’t buy much. We did go to this huge market place where I got most of my stuff and part of that was a tailor area which was also sold there. You don’t really have to hunt for fabric there.

Post soon!

A Christmas scarf

DSC_0331For Christmas I decided to make my dad a scarf. I was making my grandad a striped scarf when my dad choked “I’d like a scarf too”. This was a week from Christmas, my next week was work experience in my favourite fabric shop. My first day during my lunch hour I decided to make my dad a scarf, chunky wool because I would’ve otherwise had nothing for Christmas.

DSC_0333I then knitted on the train into work, this may sound like nothing to some of you but the amount of looks I got was unbelievable. I’m glad it’s finished because I got kind of sick of constantly being looked at. Good thing I had ear phones so I could block everything out. The most entertaining thing about this scarf was that my dad was complaining all week that he wanted a scarf and that I was making one for everyone else except him. I didn’t tell him that I was making him one and I was super secretive. The best thing was seeing his face on Christmas morning when he opened it up.

DSC_0334The pattern is really basic, a moss stitch for the ends and a 1×1 rib for the main body. You can find more info on ravelry.

A gift

DSC_0321It’s that time of the year again. When all the bloggers either slowly make their way off the internet or are, posting far more reguarly. Can you guess which one I am? I have been really busy since I last did a post. I ended saying that I had a week of internship at John Rocha. The week was amazing, I got to work on actual pieces for the boys 2014 summer collection for debenhams. I also got to meet John Rocha himself and I got to see his daughter and wife. The main person who gave me work for the week even said he might want me back for summer! I was head-over-heels for the entire week. Even though I had a few coffee runs and managed to mess one up I would be so excited to go there again. In case your wondering who John Rocha is here is his website.

DSC_0324Back to the gift. I have been so busy the last week that I nearly forgot about my friends birthday party on Saturday. She had asked me if I could make her a bright coloured case for her ipod because the screen is kinda falling apart and she keeps losing it in her bag. So I made her this. I have actually used the fabric before in a summer dress but I don’t have any photos up because by the time I could take photos it was way too cold, it’s a lightweight linen-cotton blend I think. I re-inforced the linen with stayflex and also put in some wading. I also lined it with a soft plaid fabric which I also used for this.

Iron the interfacing onto the onto the outer fabric, then sew the outer pieces with the wadding together, making sure the outer fabric pieces are facing each other and the wadding is facing you. Once you’ve sewn the seam turn the piece inside out so that the outer fabric is facing you and the wading is inside.

Next, sew the lining pieces together, right sides facing each other. When you have that done leave the piece as is and put it into the outer piece with the wading. Stuff it in so that the seams are facing each other.

Lastly line up the top seams and sew them together using either bias-binding or ribbon. Then iron and you have a new case.

Sorry if the instructions are a little hard to understand but I didn’t take any photos while making it. If you do have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

If I don’t post before christmas I wish you all a very mery christmas! If your looking for a cool decoration look no further then Jen’s narwhale plushie, or if your a knitter and you want a last minute gift, check out Andi’s gorgeous free patterns.


My birthday was last week on Thursday so I decided to take some pics of my  gifts. This is a 1930’s camera that I got. i actually first saw it and fell in love. There was a guy selling them in,0,1165564616374958680&ei=FFTGT83zIs6YhQfk85SxBQ&oi=local_result&sqi=2&ved=0CDAQ_BIwBw

Sorry about the link but it won’t turn out right, anyway so I squeeled in joy when I first saw this guy’s stall. He also had 1950’s cameras and even 1920’s pinhole cameras. I know where I’ll ask for my christmas gifts!

I also got these. During my trip in Scotland we passed a little shop where they bound their own notebooks. They also had cute jewlery at the back and classes in the evenings. I love the covers and my mom got an A5 and an A4. the smaller one has leather along the side. I’ve already started filling the smaller one but I’m saving the larger one for my summer holidays as I’m in exam mode at the moment.

I also got some books from my dad. Art deco architecture, ahhh… my dad knows me well. And the fashion design book I just drooled over it. It has tons of designs by all the main designers and some of their mood boards are….. AWE- worthy.

This was another item that was got in Scotland. While we were in Edinburgh my mom took me to this altra cool, altra expensive knitting shop. She saw, she swarmed, she asked. My mom actually got it for  me, I was so excited when I opened the packadge. I immediately  started knitting this shall. My mom got this pattern book a while back but so far none of the projects have been made from it. I’ve been knitting it since Euro Vision.

Last of all I wanted to show you my ring. It’s apparently an antique indian ring. I love, the stone is so cool is it not! And it fits perfectly, I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it 😀 It’s now officially my favourite piece of jewlery.

That’s my birthday round-up, I have made a super-cute Liberty tank too, which I’ll show within the week. I have the pics so see ya…

Christmas Time

Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while but I had my holidays and all! These are the books I got for christmas. Working from top to bottom is 101 things I learned in Architecture SchoolI am cute dressesLiberty book of home sewing and Architect’s Sketchbooks.

I was so happy to recieve all of them that I had to be dragged from the sofa to leave them!

This was my gift from my mom. I have a real thing for nail varnish, especially the bright glimmer-y kind. I have another type of purple nail varnish that cracks when put on as an over coat which would look cool over the copper!

And the biggest surprise of my christmas was this. I got this from my grandad. He also got my the fabric for this. It’s a maroon crepe with matching lining, thread and invisible zipper. It also comes with some black ribbon for a neckline detail! Ihave a pattern in mind for this so I should hopefully have that up within a week or two.

I got to go to Sweden for christmas this year with my parents so my dad insisted that we watch this. This is only the opening scene but nearly all parts of it are up on youtube in reasonably good quality so a late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!