Inspirational Horses?

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I’m someone who likes to collect things, who never wants to let anything go to waste, because of this personality trait I have managed to acquire a rather large collection of magazine clippings. Always getting first dibs on the Vogue magazines around the house for “recycling” purposes. And these pictures would grace my corkboard for at least six months, until I finally get my act together to put up some new pieces, however I was constantly cutting out more pictures. My at first innocently sized stash grew to a new untameable size and so the book was born after seeing this post. Admittedly my version isn’t quite as cool, beautifully covered books are considered more sacred in my house, but I did find something nearly as good, at least to my eight year old self. A book on the history of horses! Yes, I was that classic horse-obsessed child, now I can’t see the appeal as much. Unwanted book becomes necessary inspiration journal/ scrapbook. Plus I feel green for reusing the book. Now I’ve got to go and go clip some more photos, my stash has started to deplete to the stage where it’s become slightly normal!


A textile lovers paradise

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It’s that time of year again. Arriving upon the gate of the RDS, the direction was soon clear by the bus fulls of ladys, all towards the same direction. The “click-clack” of knitting needles enticing me forward, to enter a new world of bliss, filled with luscious silks, warm wools and crazy soft cahmeres and angoras. Not only were the wools jumping from every direction claiming “buy me! buy me!” but there was also plenty to intrigue all crafters. It was a textiles extravaganza, with fabrics, threads, dyes, books and notions, leaving out of course the amazing displays by both craft experts and up and coming designers. The above photo is from the Patchwork Societies exhibition. There were many amazing quilts but the blues in this one really struck me.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 050

Many of the fashion colleges from around the country had exhibitions within the show. Colleges such as NCAD and LIT. I’ve heard of these colleges before but not the Belfast school of art. I really loved what they had on show. It was all so interesting, the photography, the projects, they even had concept books beside, which I near squealed at!2013 Pentax K-5 11 047

These gorgeous pieces are by Oliver Docherty. I’ve been lucky enough to not live with horrible macramé  hangings, I’ve seen them in some holiday homes, so I do know their hideousness. These dresses however, are stunning. The above dress is worked with what I think is some type of leather cord, and the one below is made of straw. I love how unusual the material and tecknique is, it’s almost made me interested in testing out the skill the myself…. For now though I think I’ll leave it to the experts!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 048

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Onto the yarn, you didn’t I could just look, could you?, my willpower to buying beautiful textiles is 0! The first picture is of some testing I’m doing. It’s a mixture of some aran weight charcoal tweed, with some green rowan mohair-ish wool in a cabled concoction. I’m thinking a polo neck jumper for some time in the future, but who knows if that will happen!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 075

The next piece of wool needed an extra special photo for an extra special brand. Coolree are an irish yarn brand. All of their wools are hand dyed in Ireland. I’ve seen their wools several times before but I never seemed to pick up a hank. I couldn’t let the opportunity of a whole stall of these colourful wisps to go by, this peach piece came how and I’m still trying to figure out what pattern will do it any justice. Any suggestions?

2013 Pentax K-5 11 077

And last but not least and ball of the tweed. I originally got it to create something colour blocked with the grey but changed my mind after my experiment. Now it will probably become a Christmas gift…

p.s. I wore my wrap skirt to the show, because I have a weird tradition of creating a new garment to wear specifically to these shows.

Whimsical Creatives

My first creativity post, I cant wait to share this with you! As a person who gets inspired easily one of my favourite things is meeting or finding out about creative people. It was hard to choose just four people! These four are each to be highly noted. One artist, one fashion designer, one blogger and one literary figure. With these posts I’ll be trying to show both the new innovators and those whose careers have been part of people’s lives and childhoods. I’m also a bit of a history geek so I’ll be showing you both new pieces and early works. I want to put a bit of emphasis on Irish designers and artists too. I’ll include a song with some recommended tracks by that artist beside. With the preliminaries over enjoy the rest of the post!

whimsical collage

This first post has the a whimsical theme, either in the literal sense of Harry Clarke illustrating for fairy tales, or with Esther Boller having a general feel of whimsical in her blog. I hope you enjoy and if anyone has a particular theme or creative that you’d like to see leave a message and I’ll see what I can do!

Harry Clarke


Harry Clarke was a famous Irish Illustrator during the early 1900’s. He studied in Dublin and won a national competition for his stained glass but later moved to London to work as an illustrator. Some of his most beautiful illustrations were for Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales, he made 16 colour plates and a further 24 half-tone illustrations. He is also known for illustrating the work of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. These two books led his career as an illustrator and led to much more work throughout the 1920’s. As he worked on illustration he also continued making stained glass. He created many pieces, mostly religious, and was renowned for his skill in drawing and use of colour, particularly deep blues. Some of his stained glass pieces can be seen at the Hugh Lane Gallery. Harry Clarke is my favourite illustrator because of the delicacy and intricacy of his work, the bright hues of his stain glass and the beauty that his art looks completely unique.

Alexander Mcqueen


Alexander Mcqueen is one of the most innovative and creative fashion designers there is. He brought an entirely fresh perspective that hadn’t been seen before since the introduction of jersey fabrics by Chanel, or the flapper dress in the 1920’s. Whimsical, possibly not, but each collection had an almost fairytale style story along with. All of his work was either extremely intricate or impeccably tailored, there was a distinct air with all of his collections. All of them are stories he made with clothing, instead of just and inspiration he created a world, from the woman wearing the clothing, to the final catwalk, he had models walking on water, models in glass boxes, models on merry-go-rounds. Each collection was involved in its own fairytale world, that while the rest of the world couldn’t entirely get, could fully appreciate the beauty and detail of that place.

Esther Boller

Esther Boller Collage copy

This girl is now my all time favourite blogger, the writer of Esther from the Sticks. I’m kinda in love with everything she does that it comes as a shock that I only found her blog this summer. That doesn’t mean to say I didn’t troll through her archives like mad woman. It feels like I have an internet twin, which made me so disheartened to find she already one. Or maybe it’s just that all pale, freckly, red-headed girls are destined to sew and be good at art…. Ether’s blog has a really whimsical vibe to it, from some amazing 70’s flares, to the beautiful soft photography (I swear you could make a book from her blog!) to the gorgeous lace dresses she makes and alters. I never thought I’d find someone who I could associate with so much that I’ve never met but apparently, red-headed minds think alike!

W.B. Yeats


I have no idea how i managed to fit so many of my favourtie people into one post. I first discovered this poet in english class. Most people just sat staring into the sky, bored as could be, but I was entranced by his words. Then I had to study his poems, which threw me slightly off but recently I looked at them again, and fell in love with them… again. My favourtie poem of his is He wishes for the clothes of heaven. Whenever I see or hear the poem I think of watercolours, and I have a page in a photo album with a quote from this poem “The blue and the dim and the dark cloths” for a photo of dusk. The whole poem is decribing the sky, but in the most whimsical fashion. Describing times of day as beautiful fabrics, and the sun and moon as gold and silver. His other famous poem is “When you are old“, which is about his longing for a woman. He describes himself as Love, who “Hid amid a crowd of stars”. I’ll stop the poetry talk now because Im not a poetry junkie, just Yeats! His grave is in Sligo.

Florence and the Machine

Yet another red-head, sensing a double theme here! I really love this girls music, particuarly the harps, and someday I will see her live, for now live albums shall apease me. This song is one of her more whimsical songs, others including “Dog Days”, “Seven Devils”and “I’m Not calling you”. Her songs have an etherial slant which makes them really interesting to listen to, not to mention her hyonotic voice.

So the end of the first creatives post, hope you enjoyed! I’ll try have a new post every two months as sourcing all the pieces takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it.

DSC_0245Here’s a little sneak peak of whats to come!



This blog is all about my hobbies, primarily sewing, yet there has been no mention of art, not even a whisper…

Why, well most of my art is very sketchy, quick and often with complete lack of proportion! Why the sudden attention in an otherwise blank subject, I’m doing an art course, rather a portfolio course. Surveying my future has led to the discovery that those colleges I wish to attend require proof.

Most of the drawing I’m doing in the course is still life, all still life, but it’s made it quite clear that I can contently sit and draw for a few hours a day (with tea breaks), that I can’t sleep (and I’ve tried this!) without some form of notebook and writing implement nearby. Even in my yen subscription the first thing I look for is the issues artist. All of my sewing and knitting extends from it. So I figure it’s worth a mention here.

I’ll be showing my collection booklet here soon, a few of the pieces should be familiar to you as I made it last year. I’m also going to do a monthly creativity post about what’s inspiring me, some awesome artist or photographer and a cool blogger too! Time to get creative!