Let’s go to the beach

2013 Pentax K-5 11 057

I’ve already started dreaming about long summer nights, wearing denim shorts and white t-shirts… Also being able to get to the beach, the place where this photo was taken. I’m hoping to get to our local beach more often this year as rain or shine I love the sea. In summer I lounge on the sand contemplating whether or not to take the plunge and dive in, and in winter I scavenge the sand for shells, rocks and other forgotten treasures.

Right now, I’m cooped up inside, although I do have my sewing machine and a growing yarn stash…


Humble beginnings


Round-up, round-up, time for that yearly blog post to summarise the evolution over the last 12 months. This last year has led to many new and exciting events. I’ve picked up 50 followers since those early days and this year have created 20 pieces. I nearly reached a hundred views one day and also got to work with some amazing people for my work experience. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life, may of seemed obvious to others be we all need a little self doubt. I received my first blog award and completed my first me made may.

photo (4)

I’ve also included some new topics which I’m looking forward to developing.


I’ve made lots of clothes! Including my first jacket and I have a much better understanding of pattern drafting, only two of the things I’ve made this year were not my own patterns.


I’ve delved more into the world of photography, with monthly film photography posts and finally figuring out how manual mode works (I recently even got my own DSLR, it’s barely left my grip). I tested out a few photoshoots too.

DSC_0366 copy

I have of course kept up with my knitting, choosing more intricate pieces and using smaller needles. I’ve focussed more on quality and even attempted making my own patterns a few times, usually to great effect.


Now I’m moving onwards and upwards, making some new plans and diving into unknown waters. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another year….



August Photography

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Another month of photography. I love how I can see my photography skills improving as each month goes by. I was looking through a photo album from a  year ago and the quality of the images has gotten much better! For this month I have some really recent photos from this summer in Sweden. The first image of one of the long twilight, sunset zones while returning on a boat. The next image is one of the beautiful flowers at the front of the house we were staying at. The photo of the statue is one in Goteborg, it’s supposed to be significant because they’re fighting while being held together by a belt. I found the sandle on one of the feet more intriguing! The purple flowers were taken at a potery café place in a town an hour’s drive out of Stockholm. The final photo is a really cute mail box that I saw in Vaxholm.

There will be some more photography next month, possibly even some digital photography…

May Photography





Continuing on, some photos from my summer holidays last year. Sweden, Stockholm. One of favourite cities in the world. The top photo is a sculpture in the central shopping square, near Åhléns. The second photo is one of the many ethereal statues scattered throughout the city. This one near the museum island I think. The third photo is another little statue and though it looks very photograph worthy there were dozens of these around the place. The last photo is from the medieval, or older part of the city,  Gamla stan. Here you can walk cobblestone streets, pass little independent shops but the main street is seriously busy and touristy, particularly during summer. This sign is one of cute things you can see here.

Me-made-may is coming, just have to  organise the photos and links. This weekend as well I’m heading up to Belfast and then on Sunday off to Bloom. Summer has finally come so I’m gonna savour every moment of it! Also have any of you seen the Great Gatsby, so good. The dresses are so beautiful too! So I shall leave you with my favourite song off the soundtrack…


I’ve decided that this year ‘ll share some of my sewing and blog resolutions as last year I felt that my blog was too young to have any resoloutions.


1. To finish off my pieces better. I’m really bad at either not finishing my projects properly or not finishing them at all. I get excited about projects easily and in the rush to wear them they’re not well finished.

2. Do more photography posts. At the start of the year I did more photography posts and I’d like to continue with that. I want to do at least 1 photography post a month, I’ve also taken up project 365 so I’ll show you the pics of the month.


3. Have more tutorials. I only did one last year. I’d like to also show some of the tutorials that I’ve come across.

4. I’d like to write some knitting patterns or knitting skill tutorials, possibly even a monthly stitch pattern. I keep finding these really cool stitch patterns that I havn’t found before or have rarely seen.

5. Better blog graphics. I’d like to have better layouts and link set-ups on the blog. I’d love to learn a bit more about code works within my blog and how I can manipulate it.

They’re my resolutions, I have no idea how succesfull I’ll be but fingers crossed. The photos are of some machine knitting samples. I’ve been getting classes recently and thought I’d share.