Oldness is Goodness


I have a new skirt! Or rather new photos of a skirt. This skirt is actually two years old! And still looking as good as it did when it came off the sewing machine. I made it during the summer before I started this blog. And wow has it gotten a lot of wear. It’s small, comfy and cute. Works in summer with sandals and winter with tights.


I made the skirt at my beloved grafton academy and the fabric is from, of course murphy sheehys! So predicable I know, but if its not broke don’t fix it! The skirt is also V1247, made previously in denim (check out this version) and maroon. I just can’t get enough! This is actually version number 1. I’ve meant to get this up for a year but just havn’t managed to get photos up until now.


A back view. The only change is there is a lapped zipper. This being because this was before I knew the amazingness of metal zips and chose a hideous plastic one. The teachers was like “No, this will not do, you can’t show this hideousness to the world! We shall make it lapped!” She didn’t really, but that was what her face said!

I haven’t done this in ages but still, to end here’s some Haim. They’re a new American band that I’ve become obsessed with! This song is called “Don’t Save Me”.


Me-Made-Holiday part 2

The second part of my me-made-holiday, sorry for the delay

Day 9: Travel day

Sorry, no pic for today but it was one of those jeans and tee day so not much point in sharing anyway. We traveled from the south of the country to the north and arrived in Stockholm. We just chilled when we arrived as it was already five o’clock.

Day 10: Shopping!

I’m wearing my denim skirt. Please excuse the bug bite. That day we hit the town, if you ever visit Stockholm make sure to leave time for the huge ahlens city. That place is amazing! Unfourtunatley I found no fabric shops but I did find a craft shop just outside ahlens and found some really cheep sheep skin, only remnats though but still it was a good find.

Day 11:

Town day. We went around town again and spent way too long in a cafe for lunch! The food was so good though and it’s one of those cafes that you just want to spend forever in. This outfit is actually what I wore for dinner. It’s originall posted here.

Day 12:

We went gamla stan, (where the photo is taken) which essentially means old town and as you can guess is old. Lots of old medieval streets, situated on their own little island. The top is posted here, actually pictured with this same cardigan too…

Here is my evening outfit

In the evening we went on a dinner cruise around stockholms archepeligo. The scenery was simply stunning. At sunset the archipeligo looked stunning. As far as cities go, I think stockholm is one of the prettiest. Jumper posted here.

Day 13: Last day 😦

We spent the day walking around an island full of museums. It was really fun though as just across the brigde there were a bunch of ducks and baby ducklings, or little fluff balls as I like to call them. You may have noticed that I am wearing the same outfit as in day 10 but it was the end of the holidays and that skirt is so comfy. You can find the link to the skirt in day 10.

Last day was another travel day, going back home.

This outfit is laid out on my bed at home because I had already changed into my pajamas before I realised I had to take the picture. Sorry i’m not perfect as to remember but i’m only human. I decided that this was a good compromise. There will be more info on the top soon!

Thats it! Hope you enjoyed my holiday posts. I’ll be back soon, I promise, with a new skirt. Bye for now and happy sewing!

A Summer Skirt

My new skirt! Finally something new that i’ve sewn. This is Vogue 1247, I also made it as like this.

I got the denim in my local fabric shop. I didn’t bothor to line the skirt because I didn’t want to. The inside of the denim is quite soft for denim anyway.

The jumper is also made by me(you can probobly tell), the jumper is a few years old but has a part wool in the yarn so it’s realllly warm!

One thing I love about this skirt is the pockets. They’re so comfy and although you can’t put too much in them they’re pefect for holding ipods or phones.

My absolute favourite piece of this skirt is the back. I was coming to the end of it and I thought it was looking rather….boring so I dug out an orange zip and button, now if I, for instance, tuck in my top, WHAM! Orange! Also if you’re wondering about the big band on the bottom it was because I think the skirt is a little too short for me so I added an extra three inches.

Thats it, hope you enjoyed, there’s more imformation on the jumper on ravelry.

Trendy triangles

Finally, something sewn! I made this over 2 months ago but have been too sick to photograph it. This pattern is Vogue 1247, I’ve made the skirt  before and loved the pattern. This is my third go at this top pattern and I’m really happy with this version.

One of my fav parts of the top is the cuffs. I didn’t bother to iron down the cuff seam so that it looked as if i’d rolled up the sleeves. The overall loose-fit of the top is a style that I also love. I’ve only worn the top twice but it looks great with jeans and ,as you can see here, denim shorts!

Here’s a view of the front panels. The fabric I used has a faint stripe so the middle two panel’s stripes are diagonal and the rest are vertical. I love this effect and might use some stronger coloured stripes next time I make it.

I can’t wait for next week! I’m visiting Scotland. I’m looking forward to eating fudge, drinking at tea houses all with my list of fabric and knitting shops in hand! All the while taking in the beautiful scenery of course! I’ll be back in a week or so with more stuff to show you!

My maroon coloured skirt!

Sorry about not posting anything in a while but life has been busy! I’m about to finish a cute shirt dress so that will be up soon and I also finished a jumper a week ago so that will be up too!

Don’t you love how the nail varnish matches the colour of the skirt! Unfortunately both materials came from San Francisco ( one from a fabric discount store in the mission district and other was a kimono remnant from a little kimono shop in a supermarket area of Japan town) so no more of those materials will be coming 😦

The maroon is a lightish weight wool. It’s very nice to work with. My sewing machine is quite tempermental! One time I tried to sew chiffon (which is difficult enough already) with it, it didn’t work and the chiffon is still looming at me with my failure! The kimono remnant is also very nice to sew with as it has a good weight, it also makes the perfect band for this skirt! The lining (although not shown in any pics) is a marbled effect cotton print. I made an own design with it a year ago and have been trying to get rid of it ever since!

Down to the pattern! For this skirt I was lucky enough to have the vogue pattern V1247 (which also comes with a very cute and flattering top). It’s beautifully put together. I could not recommend this pattern more, especially if your at that stage where you want a bit more work but it’s still in your comfort zone.

Well, that’s about it, I hope you all enjoy your Wednesdays!

P.S. I’ll be back soon with a tartan shirt dress!