Blustery Winds

2013 Pentax K-5 11 025

A new piece, a new post. The cold winds have started rolling in here, the other day, the only reason we didn’t have any frost was because the winds were too strong… What! But I think I can survive the mystical problem of Irish weather with this. I love cowls! For some reason they all seem to be blue, but the only problem with them is that they are either too bulky, or they don’t cover enough of my face. I find that most cowl pattern are for the cold, not the wind, and believe me that “plus wind chill factor” bit you always here on the weather forecast makes a huge difference!

2013 Pentax K-5 11 046

The wool is from my first trip at Winnie’s wool café, and let me tell you it is a cool place. Admittedly the wools are not as gorgeous as those at this is knit but they do have drops wool. Which is exactly what this cowl is made from. Drops alpaca to be exact and at only €2.50 for a 50 gram hank it was quickly mine. I used one hank of navy, and another of a light grey. I also used some mystery bright blue alpaca stuff from my stash to line the inside and cover up the colourwork.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 058

The pattern is quite simple, casting on using this technique, then knitting up in colourwork in the round, the pattern is basically a rotation of 3 stitches in one colour, then 1 stitch in the other, once you work the wanted length you do one purl row, so the front folds over, and then change to lining yarn. Continue down till the lining matches the length of the exterior, then undo the provisional cast on, transfer stitches to another set of circular needles and then use the 3-needle cast off to bind the two pieces together. And finished!

grid_42675_lgThe colourwork pattern.

2013 Pentax K-5 11 036

You can also look at the project over on ravelry.

Happy winters, may your tea never cool nor you biscuit packet ever diminish!


Another blue cowl…

I made a new cowl, and it’s blue, I’ve already made this one. I couldn’t help myself, the wool was too gorgeous and the pattern too elegant, I just had to make it, the little devil on my shoulder told me to, and for once the angel on the other side agreed! Sorry for the ramble, I was releasing the guilt of buying more wool.For more info such as wool and pattern mentioned above hop over to my ravelry page.I have a shirt in the making that is taking more time then I thought so if it is not finished this week it should be finished next week.


I finished my cowl! The details of which are in on ravelry. By the way I was feeling so ridiculous wearing this, it was so warm today in ireland, I just spent the day with my friend in her garden. It was heaven!

I’m also wearing my new coat, which by the way will be posted tomorrow. Enjoying my barbecued burger right now while i’m soaking up the last of Irelands summer until it’s cold enough to wear my new cowl!

A new season and a new knit..

I’m knittting a cowl. I’ve joined the herringbone cowl group. The pattern has just been taunting me for ages and I finaly got some wool and picked up some needles so, why not!

Once you get the hang of the pattern it begins to knit up really quickly, this only a few hours worth. I really love the effect with the wool as well, a slightly more traditional look. It’s fitting in with my new collection (more news soon-ish).

Here is the wool I’m using. I got it in Kinsale in west Cork. This is the colour I used and it’s called Irish Heather colour 4709.

By the way, I love this label, don’t ask me why but even the fact that it doesn’t wrap around the ball is really nice. Well thats it, sorry for no sewing stuff but I still have some handsewing left on my coat but it’s nearly finished.