College: Or the reason for months long absences

Overlay latex puddle_edited-1
So I’ve been gone a while.. And there is a reason, as much as this may sound like an excuse (it’s not) I’m now in art college! Surprise. The main cause of me neglecting this blog is time, both for creating new garments, photographing said garments and (ultimately) uploading these photos to the great and powerful internet.
I now spend a good ten hours a day in my studio (desk rather but studio sounds better) and I’m working full tilt on my project, which seems to consume my interests more and more with each day. Another important reason why time is proving to be such an issue is people, since going to college involves moving away from home and into student accommodation making friends is more of a necessity than ever and I’ve met a lot of new, crazy, passionate, creative and genuine people in the recent weeks. I’m in no ways saying that I didn’t know people such as these before but there is a difference when you are both living and working within such a close proximity. The whole atmosphere of this new place is always enticing and embracing, accepting both my rubbish dance moves and my often obsessive nature over my project. It is an entirely new lifestyle and I’m still trying to figure out where everything fits in (this blog included). While I’m still configuring all of this in my mind you can have a look at my college blog. As part of our grade we need to have an online visual notebook, in this case a tumblr account, and this is mine. Until then enjoy these late winter nights and warm cups of hot chocolate.


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