College: Or the reason for months long absences

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So I’ve been gone a while.. And there is a reason, as much as this may sound like an excuse (it’s not) I’m now in art college! Surprise. The main cause of me neglecting this blog is time, both for creating new garments, photographing said garments and (ultimately) uploading these photos to the great and powerful internet.
I now spend a good ten hours a day in my studio (desk rather but studio sounds better) and I’m working full tilt on my project, which seems to consume my interests more and more with each day. Another important reason why time is proving to be such an issue is people, since going to college involves moving away from home and into student accommodation making friends is more of a necessity than ever and I’ve met a lot of new, crazy, passionate, creative and genuine people in the recent weeks. I’m in no ways saying that I didn’t know people such as these before but there is a difference when you are both living and working within such a close proximity. The whole atmosphere of this new place is always enticing and embracing, accepting both my rubbish dance moves and my often obsessive nature over my project. It is an entirely new lifestyle and I’m still trying to figure out where everything fits in (this blog included). While I’m still configuring all of this in my mind you can have a look at my college blog. As part of our grade we need to have an online visual notebook, in this case a tumblr account, and this is mine. Until then enjoy these late winter nights and warm cups of hot chocolate.


New York Syndrome

Where the buildings seem impossibly tall and the crowds impossibly big. Coming somewhere as small as Dublin, or even most european cities, this place is so different, that continental jump is really felt. If you are in search of somewhere truly different then, well anywhere else (as far as I’m concerned), come here, the city that never sleeps? I think of it more as the city that never rests, night or day. Every corner you turn you see people working, talking and running, yes running for the subway. Back home where the trains come every twenty minutes, it is fair to run, but there all of our subways were every ten minutes.

Now that I’m back, I won’t lie, I have ran for my trains, attempted to look busy, and tried to walk with the self-importance/ confidence that every New Yorker seems to have mastered. For now I’m trying to readjust to Dublin life, but expect a follow-up soon, complete with pictures, tips and possibly some musings on the grand city.

I’m still alive!

What looms ahead

I am still here… just about. The last few months have been rather crazy, between handing off portfolios, attending interviews and suitability tests and having state exams at the beginning of next month there has been no time! Until now, in reality I should be studying but I can only learn off Bismarckian foreign policy so many times!
I feel like I’ve changed so much since I’ve last been here, I’m becoming obsessed with dancing, not in any professional sense, more of a seventies-ish strut through school corridors. Hopefully this is reflected in my newer creations, which are more attentive to this new side of my personality. And yes I have still been sewing, much more slowly and much less precisely than before. I have rediscovered my love of t-shirts (I have a feeling this will always happen to study-weary students) and I have a new, rather unhealthy, obsession with the seventies. Don’t worry I won’t be wearing flares, at least I hope not, although I have become allergic to my skinny jeans. I have a pair of Levis 501s and they are amazing, plus they make me wear fitted tops which I have far too much of an issue with doing.

In other news I’ve graduated, I’m no longer one of those annoying school kids with back-packs that are far too big (and too heavy, I swear I’m going to break my back before the year is out!) and school skirts that practically trail the floor. I’m now in this weird limbo where I still go to school but I’m an adult… I’ve been treated fairly equally all through the year but now it’s far more obvious. Another final, random note, do you know how weird it is to not wear uniform in school for the first time ever. For a child who has made her way through the fifteen year long education system in Ireland, it is immensely gratifying to never have to wear a uniform ever again! The only problem is what to wear in the mornings… and how to have anything that’s clean…I guess I’ll just have to make a new wardrobe this summer!

Hi again

IMGP8908 Hi! I’m back from Sweden, back from three weeks of sunshine and spectacular sunsets, along with the 5000 or so photos that I took… What can I say, it was my first time in Sweden with a digital SLR. I was a little obsessed with sunsets, and brigdes and flowers, prepare yourselves for the photo posts. This year I visited four major Scandinavian cities as well as much of southern Sweden and driving through all of Denmark! I’ll be back with more sewing posts, dramatic sunsets and plenty of C17th buildings. See you soon!

Me-Made May 2014:week 2

Day 8
Day 8

Wore this cardigan as the temperature dropped a little.Day 9    Day 9

Wore an unblogged hoddie and spent a good while playing with the reflections as the lighting looked cool.

Day 10 Day 10

Wore a new denim skirt (which you can view more of here) while watching eurovison.

Day 11 Day 11
Spent the day studying but managed to grab a few minutes for some photos. Wearing this top.

Day 12 Day 12
Another day at the books but I wore a new dress to make myself feel better. The dress is yet to be blogged (isn’t that what summers are for?!)Day 13 Day 13
This is what I have entitled the study monster! And yes I did model this beautiful look in public and I am now sharing it here… It shows my wackier, book-crazed self! Wearing a simple black t-shirt that shall be shared soon.
Day 14

Day 14
The slog remains but it’s better when you can wear shorts.. Wearing this shirt.

Day 15 Day 15
Decided to once more wear shorts (new so unblogged) but the weather conspired against me and I had to wear tights with them… I also wore this top as I forgot how amazing it is.

Day 16 Day 16
We finally had our first day of sun! And man was it celebrated! My dad and I had burgers while appreciating a warm wind, then saw Godzilla (which is amazing! And not just for sci-fi geeks) and then watched the sun go down. I have a ton of beautiful photos too which shall be here soon. Wearing this top and some handmade bracelets.

I’ll try be back soon with more pictures, just have to survive through my exams first…

wistful thinking

Summer 2014 After talking about summer in my last post I felt the need to make a little mood board on my hopes for summer. The red-head on the left is from a magazine I picked up recently called Bare. The imagery in it is to die for, and the articles are really well written as well. If you see it at least look through it if not buy it because it is quite beautiful. The rest are images of the care-free summer I’m hoping to have, either by the beach in cut-offs or about in town in linen shirt dresses. I’m also going to try and photograph everything, at least ten pictures a day. After seeing lots of life photography I want to capture more of mine and learn how to truly manipulate the manual settings to my desire! Now just five weeks till paradise arrives! If you want to see more summer inspiration you can check out my pinterest board.