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Hi, welcome to my blog!

I’m a young textile fanatic! Back in 2011 I was becomingly increasingly interested in sewing, knitting and textiles, however there were few people who knew how to sew, those who did either didn’t share my absolute enthusiasm or were much older then I was, so I searched online and found hundreds of interesting blogs about the type of thing that gets me out of bed in the morning which made me create my online space. Here I’ve let my wild, frizzy, red mane free and expressed my love of all things creative!

As the years went by I was becoming increasingly interested in fashion and design, what started as a simple hobby had become a dream and a goal. Soon my room was crowed with Vogue cut-outs and Scandinavian fashion magazines. It was only last year that I decided to go for fashion, always being scared of failing and never quite encompassing my goals, however as time goes by I become more and more obsessed with this world of glitz and glamour, with bringing an idea on a page to a final 3D piece. Just thinking about the possibilities 1meter of fabric can bring makes me smile.
2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 612
A large contributing factor was photography. I was only fourteen when I received my first proper SLR film camera. As I stumbled through many failed exposures, I developed a love of manual settings and even found that I could take a decent picture. I got a DSLR last winter (named Grace) and delved even farther into the art of portraiture and even tried my hand at some “fashion inspired” shoots. Although my modelling leaves much to be desired my photos have improved leaps and bounds. It has also made me find my biggest obsession in life, sunsets. Especially those found on long Scandinavian summer nights!

Another aspect of fashion that is my main interest is knitwear. Although I will always love the feeling of cloth on my skin, there is a quiet pleasure in watching a garment grow before your eyes, as knitting gives. I especially love hand-knit, particularly any kind of mesh stitch, I love watching lace-weight grow with large needles and open-work. Machine knit is a newer skillset for me as I’ve yet to make anything more complex then a scarf but I’m looking forward to being able to elaborate more with machine knit in later years.


I also love to work with watercolours and I do a great deal of fashion illustration, my passion being in creating garments. For me art is a large part of my creative process as it helps me visualise what I’m making and also the many different versions of what I’m making could be. It helps me to relax and there’s nothing more satisfying then a beautiful sketch in your lap after an evening of work (except maybe a new garment…)



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  1. Rejoice For The Day · May 28, 2013

    When I was young all of my toys had the best clothes possible. The best that a young, unskilled girl could make that is! 😉

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