Me-Made-Holiday, part 1

As promised my me-made-holiday pics!

Day 1: Travel day

More info on these to come (they are my own pattern though!)

Day 2: First day!

No actual picture but the same as day 3.

Day 3: Moved into our holiday home 😀

This is also my own pattern with more info to come!

Day 4: Went to Göteborg city

Wore a dress that I had bought the previous day

Day 3: Home day

New jumper with more to come!

Day 4: Went to Norway

Wearing my denim skirt. We went to Oslo. It was a warmish day but I wish I’d had tights! It was a fun day and Oslo was a gorgeous city. We also went to the Art gallary and saw one of Munch’s ‘ The Scream’ paintings.

Day 5: Wore  raint-shirt

Wearing my denim skirt. I’m wearing my ‘rain t-shirt’ that I got in weekday. They do weekly t-shirts that are printed in the store to represent a piece of news during the week. Cool, right! Anyway I saw this and learnt that it represents the last June, it was one of the wettest months on record in Europe! Coming from Ireland it was a must, and as the chap behind the till said “It keeps the rain away”

Day 6: Went to the city Göteborg

Wearing my lace tank. Went with my dad to our favourite record shops! We also went to a really cool, cheap art shop. I got a ton of art supplies!

Day 7: Went to a boats festival with lots of old wooden boats. Most of them were menticuously maintained but my favourites were the ones that looked less maintained. I have no pics on digital though so updates will come when I’ve developed the film.

Day 8: Went on a boat 😀

We took a round trip of the island Tjörn (link to wikepedia



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