Grey castles


A new top! I’ve been dooing alot of sewing but my ‘photographer’ has been in limbo. First a wrist in a cast, then an eye infection but she is much better now. I have lots to photograph and show you! The firts of which is my first long-sleeved jersy tops. Unfortunatlly my evening courses are over but during the last few weeks I made this. I made my own pattern by using a dartless block. The top was so simple and easy to sew. I had to sew the seams with a machine first and then use a serger. I machined all the raw edges. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


I got the fabirc, as always from murphy sheehy. It has a very slight stretch but is a very stable knit so it was super easy to sew. Another plus was that I actually got enough fabric for the top and didn’t have to squeeze the pieces. This also made my teacher happy as well!


I’m posing beside this really cool castle in Sligo. We actually stayed there for a weekend. Our room even had aname, the “Mrs. Alexander” room I think. And the dining hall was like a smaller version of Versaille’s hall of mirrors. Sligo was lovely as well, even though the rain was not on our side!


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