Speaking out

2014 Pentax K-5 11 012 Happy blogversary to me!
It feels weird to be saying that… This time three years ago, I was plunging into the rapidly expanding sea of blogs. I would like to think that I am slightly wiser now, although it’s probably that I just have more experience. Having my own online space is something that I still treasure as much now as I did when I first created this blog, having a little hidden community to share your creations with is always really gratifying. When I first started this blog I was a nervous fourteen year old girl who was too scared to tell anyone about my new love apart from my mom, my grandmother and my best friend! Being able to share my creations with this space just gave me the confidence to speak out about it! Now all of my teachers, friends, enemies and even random people waliking down the street know! Admittedly I might still not say something so… unusual to someone I meet for the first time, but I wouldn’t want to scare them off, or get a request to make something. In the three years since I have made this blog I’ve become someone who’s no longer afraid to speak out about their oddities, because a seventeen year old who can design, pattern make and sew up her own winter coat (3rd year in a row) is rather rare, having those little comments just adds more fuel to the engines. They make me want to work harder, to make more intricate things, to try new ideas and sew more conceptual pieces. I could even go as far as to say that without this blog I might not be pursuing my love of fashion, it might have simply ended as minor fling I had when I was young. I don’t even know where I’d be if that were the case… So this is just some ramblings on my gratitude, towards every follower, commenter, viewer, even those who just take a peek…… Thank you!


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  1. Mady · October 22, 2014

    Happy blogversary to you!

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