Me-Made May 2014:week 1

Day 1Day 1

This year I’ve decided to try and create some more interesting images, aka not all low light selfies in the sitting room, so this is my first try, I figure that you’ve seen most of these pieces and so a more “conceptual” (because I have no degree in photography whatsoever) approach would be favoured, hope you enjoy. Low-light, yes but a lightly more interesting pose and a tumblr style vibe as well.

Wearing this topDay 2 (2) Day 2

Did an improtu photoshoot in my room and decided to randomly brush my hair. This turned out to be one of the few shots I liked!

Wearing a new dress made over easter that shall come to the blog soon.Day 3DAY 3

When told to weed the garden one does not simply throw away the dandelions, one creates a bouquet of them and proceeds to attempt to model with them as well. Also there’s a reason why no-one likes dandelions, their smell is horrible!

Wearing this shirtDay 4Day 4

Spent the day at home studying so the main aim of this “look” was comfort. I then found a spot on our stairs and decided it was as good a place as any.

Wearing yet another new dress to be blogged soon.Day 5Day 5

Yes you can both pretend to model and study at the same time! Since most of these photos were taken either just before I went to bed or during my study break the worried weary faces can be accounted for. Here I’m looking over some technical drawing for an exam the next day.

Wearing a life saver of a t-shirt that shall be unveiled in the coming weeks.Day 6Day 6

What is that?! A smile? The only way that this was achieved was through happy thoughts of summer, thinking ice-cream and beaches and lots of spectacular sunsets… A good song helps…

Wearing another unseen… Sorry I went crazy over Easter and photographed nothing!Day 7

Day 7

I know my garden is not the most scenic, or beautiful place to shoot but it was sunny and I needed (!)/wanted some vitamin D!

Wearing my new fav.

      I’ll be back next week for the next line-up of “conceptual-ish” photos. Till then hope your having a good May so far!                                          P.s my birthday is only 15 days away…


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