The summer phenomenon

Within the northern hemi-sphere there is a certain summer phenomenon. As the warmer weather settles in and the cooler airs recedes the humans drag themselves out of hibernation. This phenomenon is particularly strong in Ireland, as our nation awakens in some of the most ridiculous clothing, 13 degrees with minimum wind chill factor means bare legs in the brightest shorts and most floral print top you can find, throw in an ice cream for good measure as well. My plan this summer is to escape this phenomenon, although there will probably be bare legs, at least the rain will be warm the main distinguishable element for summer in Ireland.
IMGP4992 The way I shall hope to achieve this is by making a series of muted tops and denim basics. Here the solution is in the form a simple broidery anglais top. You may remember this fabric from last year. This time I wanted to leave it white as the amount of blue in my wardrobe is scary! Just check out the blue tag…IMGP5049 The pattern is super simple. A little bit of width add to my blocks, moving the dart to one by the bust and making the armholes more racer back style. I also had to make a little slit in the back so that I could slip it over my neck.
IMGP4993 These photos were on one of the first days as previously said, notice the lack of clouds in the sky… I spent the rest of the day in town with some frozen yogurt (peanut flavour, seriously too good!) and sunglasses, going around to bookshops, music shops and even a fabric shop. IMGP4922 The bottom picks are a little preview of a skirt I made recently, it’s not a moss,  but it’s made off my blocks and it fits perfectly!IMGP5116

Now I’m gonna wait until I can wear this outfit again except without tights!

On another note I’m also going to set up my me-made-may pledge.

“I, Niamh of Bluesewncat, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2014”

P.s. you can still join if your quick! –>here


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