Walking in a winter wonder land

2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 051 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 103 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 153 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 161
2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 195 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 2452014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 2792014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 373 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 287 2014 Pentax K-5 11 Sweden 303
Sorry for the silence, and late photos. I still have more left to show, but figured that this was a good number (if not a few too many!) from my trip to Sweden. Visiting the ice hotel was a surreal experience.
As soon as your foot steps off the airplane you’re transported to this winter wonderland, looking around the perimeter of the airport (first photo) there is nothing but snow and a horizon of forest. In the space of two minutes I was a kid again, throwing snow balls at my dad as soon as the cameras were away! Seeing the ice hotel in real life in another surreal experience as well, not quite sure what to expect, we arrived by night to find the lit up ice walls and “impressionist-ish” sculptures (second photo). Later we had meals in ice bowls, such as for dessert, the most amazing strawberry ice-cream I’ve ever had and I’m not a huge fan of strawberry ice-cream! After a night which revitalised 70’s dance moves and Scandinavian 80’s pop music, we had a day to discover Kiruna.
Our first stop was the Sami centre, where the original indigenous tribes lived and where the reindeers currently roam. If you do ever visit reindeers and you are given the chance to feed them moss, do! It’s so much fun, they come right over to you with same curiosity as a horse, despite their antlers they seem quite gentle and curious animals, this made leaving them quite tricky though! Later on in the day we visited the ice-hotel, the lit-up palace is just as spectacular by day as by night. Our tour meant that we were allowed to wander around the art rooms within the hotel. The last photo is of one of the rooms, where there were ginormous heads, the same height as me, in opposite corners of the space.


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