Continuing on from my now yearly tradition, here’s the last year in photos. Each month title links to all the posts from that month. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful 2014. I also wanted to write out a few resolutions as well.

1.) To take more location photos. I’m still a bit of a wimp when it comes to garment posts in the outdoors. I want to make these photos more interesting and unique.

2.) To make more fitted clothing. I now own, truly beautiful, fitted blocks on which to make my patterns, so why does it seem that everything I make it loose.

3.) To make more bottoms. Most of the things I made this year were tops or dresses, I made a few skirts, however only one of them actually works in my wardrobe, also I want to make shorts. Summer shorts, winter shorts, fitted, loose, daytime, pyjamas… lots of shorts!

   4.) Knit more garments. I end up knitting a lot of accessories almost by accident but due to the planning needed for a proper garments I only knitted one garment this year, one was posted this year although it was made last year.

I would like to be able to supply a fifth resolution but so far I don’t have any other sewing concerns. Another resolution, unrelated to sewing, is to put up some more pictures of my art. I said I would yet I’ve posted nothing…. Sorry

I’ll be back soon with more fun in 2014!


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