Inspirational Horses?

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I’m someone who likes to collect things, who never wants to let anything go to waste, because of this personality trait I have managed to acquire a rather large collection of magazine clippings. Always getting first dibs on the Vogue magazines around the house for “recycling” purposes. And these pictures would grace my corkboard for at least six months, until I finally get my act together to put up some new pieces, however I was constantly cutting out more pictures. My at first innocently sized stash grew to a new untameable size and so the book was born after seeing this post. Admittedly my version isn’t quite as cool, beautifully covered books are considered more sacred in my house, but I did find something nearly as good, at least to my eight year old self. A book on the history of horses! Yes, I was that classic horse-obsessed child, now I can’t see the appeal as much. Unwanted book becomes necessary inspiration journal/ scrapbook. Plus I feel green for reusing the book. Now I’ve got to go and go clip some more photos, my stash has started to deplete to the stage where it’s become slightly normal!



  1. Many Cha Cha Michelle · December 19, 2013

    I can relate to the clippings problem! Your book looks great.

    • bluesewncat · December 21, 2013

      Thanks! My pile has become far more manageable with the creation of the book, plus it’s something pretty to flick through when your finished.

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