The reason for having friends (in a makers opinion)

2013 Pentax K-5 11 016 2013 Pentax K-5 11 023

It’s my friends birthday today so I decided to make her a little something special… She had a little get-together on Saturday where we all watched horror films, followed by Christmas movies, followed by some truly scary songs and dancing from youtube. Then when nearly everyone had left we started making fudge, or “butter with sugar” as the recipe really is, figuring, heck yeah we can so make our own cook book. Note we failed at melting chocolate only about 2 hours earlier…

I quickly decided to make something for her gift, it is my forte after all (same friend). I’ve done a little bit of jewellery making, only in a sense of, thread this single bead on this long, pre-fastened chain, and some friendship bracelets. This was new and exciting, I love the idea of beading but there’s a lot of gaining the proper beads which I’m not very good at. The ones I used were some of my mums, I chose them because they’re really similar in colour to my friends eyes, I then found the perfect wool to do a little fishtail to fasten. A little homage to my friendship bracelet making days… I also made a little jewellery bag to go with cause, when a girl can sew, why shouldn’t she sew? The little bag was a little drawstring with some braided embroidery thread as string. This is one of the nicest gifts I’ve given, and she liked it too, job well done I think.

Also the card was one of first dives into Microsoft Publisher, I always use office, and I have to say for the card it made life a whole lot easier (there’s a photo collage inside)!

P.s. I also got her some tea, I’ve converted her to my mint tea habits!

P.p.s I’ve recently joined flickr, you can check out my page here, or click on the widget on the side.


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