Nostalgia’s a’ comin

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My favourite time of day is when the clouds begin to change colour and the sky turns dark, pity its a terrible time to take pictures. With superfast film speed I can tackle it but while still figuring out my new camera its a bit of a struggle…

The whole shoot was something of nostalgia for me as this was one of my early knits, when I finally overcame my fears of cables. The wool was bought while I was in Galway and reminds me a really fun afternoon walking around the town taking photos, when I was still figuring out how all the manual settings worked.

The pattern is a freebee but a goodie. I remember a few issues with the pattern but they were based around the border bit of the scarf. I just did stockinette. The cable pattern was really easy to memorise and the way they sneak and twirl around each other still makes me wear it. If you don’t believe me on how old this scarf is check out the ravelry page.

I promise more photos in daylight (fingers crossed, I make no such promises!) and a proper post on my new camera. If you want to see some more photos by my new device I recently joined flickr too. And it’s holiday time so I can sew and read and sip tea all day long!


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