Humble beginnings


Round-up, round-up, time for that yearly blog post to summarise the evolution over the last 12 months. This last year has led to many new and exciting events. I’ve picked up 50 followers since those early days and this year have created 20 pieces. I nearly reached a hundred views one day and also got to work with some amazing people for my work experience. I’ve finally figured out what I want to do with my life, may of seemed obvious to others be we all need a little self doubt. I received my first blog award and completed my first me made may.

photo (4)

I’ve also included some new topics which I’m looking forward to developing.


I’ve made lots of clothes! Including my first jacket and I have a much better understanding of pattern drafting, only two of the things I’ve made this year were not my own patterns.


I’ve delved more into the world of photography, with monthly film photography posts and finally figuring out how manual mode works (I recently even got my own DSLR, it’s barely left my grip). I tested out a few photoshoots too.

DSC_0366 copy

I have of course kept up with my knitting, choosing more intricate pieces and using smaller needles. I’ve focussed more on quality and even attempted making my own patterns a few times, usually to great effect.


Now I’m moving onwards and upwards, making some new plans and diving into unknown waters. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another year….




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