The tea shirt






Here’s to long winter nights and the white light that comes before them. To my new shirt‘s,  long gushy sleeves, and swingy back. To it’s uber comfortable qualities and my love of it’s stripes. Brown and navy are becoming my version of black.. I came out of a fabric shop recently with just grey and brown fabric, and I’m knitting a navy cardigan with subtle brown stripes at the moment. Can I also say how much I love these buttons, they’re just plain buttons I know but I love them all the same, from my favourite trimmings shop A. Rubanesque. I also think that I’ve used these before… So glad they still stock these buttons. I also wanted to briefly say how amazing the sew along for this shirt was. Every step was described in such detail that I felt I could never go wrong, I vaguely messed up the collar but not so much that it’s un-wearable. The only change I made was adding in an extra large pleat at the back for some extra swish factor.

I’m looking forward to wearing this while sipping my tea or casual photography sessions around my neighbourhood. I can definitely see another one of these entering my wardrobe in the near future.


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