When an idea comes together


Do you ever have a moment of inspiration, when you’ve drawn a sketch, or had an idea that feels completely unique, seperate of anything else you’ve seen recently, seemingly plucked from your subconscious. Well this skirt was that moment for me. I often need to have a form of notebook by my bedside (i get anxious if i dont) to sketch in. One night i was just doodling and the first sketch appeared on page, near a month later a finished piece was made. DSC_0390The fabric is one of my Swedish buys and seemingly a bit of an oddity! Its a stretch fabric so it drapes really nicely, I came up with the design when I saw the fabric, my usual thought process! The colour is one of the things I love about this. It looks really nice with prints, like this top i’m wearing it with but It also looks great with greys and blacks! The texture of the fabric is also really cool. Its feels a bit like suede and has a sight pile on it, I managed to make life that bit harder by buying only one meter but it worked out in the end.


The pattern is made by me, with some help as I did not know what to do when it came to draping! It’s a fairly basic A-line skirt with some random pleats on the front side seams. Then it was put onto a mannequin and the pleats were pinned and hand sewn into place. I also wanted to tell you about where I got shot in these pics, Mount Usher. Named Ireland’s top garden by the BBC. I have to say I think I agree. Many a time I have gone there with a full roll of film and came back out using every shot. Plus they have a café with some amazing food. The day we went there was a little bit of a drizzle so the atmosphere was quiet and relaxed, perfect for taking photos! We even had some of the last rays of Irelands summer helping us out. I also got to use my mums SLR camera. I’ve been starting to use the manual setting on the camera and playing around with what the buttons do. I’m one of those people who doesn’t really read manuals and plunges straight in, for instance one of my old cameras, I was messing around with it late at night and found it had a games setting where you could play games with your photos! I think I got far more enjoyment out of discovering that myself.


I’ll have another post with some shots I took that day as I really liked the way they came out!


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