Lazy days make good photos (and 100th anniversary posts)


Sometimes the lazy days are the best kind of days. For me whenever I feel bored I find a spot with some good natural light and take some photos. It’s nice to get out of course but those little times with nothing to do but lie around, make brownies, draw and relax are the best! Life has been really hectic since these photos were taken but now they’re my symbols of calm, a memory of my last hours of being a completely free person. I think I’ll have to slow down a bit on the blog. I’ll still keep up my usual posts but I simply don’t have as much free time to sew, let alone blog. I’ll be incorporating more art and photography in the space. I still have some interesting personal projects going on, and of course a summer sewing backlog(!) but for now as real life gets extra busy, virtual life will calm down and take some of it’s own lazy days…

p.s. near two years later I’m celebrating my 100th post! Happy blogging!


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