August Photography

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Another month of photography. I love how I can see my photography skills improving as each month goes by. I was looking through a photo album from a  year ago and the quality of the images has gotten much better! For this month I have some really recent photos from this summer in Sweden. The first image of one of the long twilight, sunset zones while returning on a boat. The next image is one of the beautiful flowers at the front of the house we were staying at. The photo of the statue is one in Goteborg, it’s supposed to be significant because they’re fighting while being held together by a belt. I found the sandle on one of the feet more intriguing! The purple flowers were taken at a potery café place in a town an hour’s drive out of Stockholm. The final photo is a really cute mail box that I saw in Vaxholm.

There will be some more photography next month, possibly even some digital photography…


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