Stockholm Outfits

2013 Sweden Summer 133Day 8

I don’t have a picture for that day, as I was wearing a new dress and trying to be as cool as the locals (moral of the lesson, you can’t be as cool as the locals if you’re not a local) For our first day in Stockholm we walked around and shopped a bit too. We went around the main streets and to our go-to shops. We don’t tend to do as much site-seeing as we’ve been to Stockholm several times before.

Day 9 (the above photo)

We around Vaxholm, one of the better known towns of the archipelago. The weather was stunning so it was the perfect day to out to the sea. In the summer it’s the perfect getaway from the city for locals and tourists alike. We walked through the island and settled at an amazing café, the most delicious cakes and cold drinks to zap the heat. We then chilled at a mini beach and explored some more until some dinner. The boat ride home provided some pretty spectacular views too..

Wearing some DIY’d denim cut-offs

2013 Sweden Summer 172


Day 10

My dad and started to hunt out some of the fabric shops (I had to sit in one of his bookshops, but it had wifi and iced coffee) We went to one of suburbs. It was still only a few underground stops away though. Well, I found the shop and it t’was awesome! So much choice, lots of jersy’s, denims and cottons! Not luxe fabrics but perfect for me, I even ended up getting some fine pleather stuff just so I could say I owned something from Dolce and Gabanna, happy customer! On the way back we found another fabric shop, though not as good as the first, and a really cute charity shop, come café. Then for dinner we went to our favourite sushi restaurant. I LOVE sushi but it’s not quite gotten big in Ireland yet so whenever we’re away we seem to always have some type of sushi, but Stockholm’s sushi, it’s so delish!

Wearing my tank top and black cardi.

2013 Sweden Summer 183

Day 11

We went around Gamla Stan, which means old town in Swedish, it’s one of the oldest parts of the city where all the streets have cobblestone and there’s lots of twisting alleys to get away from crowds. This area can be quite touristy but other areas are quite beautiful. If you stick to side alleys and outskirts you should escape crowds. It also has a ton of cafes restaurants and even two irish pubs!

Wearing black jersy wrap.

2013 Sweden Summer 194

Day 11

Went fabric shopping! I finally convinced my mum to take me to Sodermalm. It’s the more student area and really close to Gamla Stan as well. Most of the shops there are slightly cheaper but most importantly they have a really big fabric shop! I’ll do a proper post on the places I went to with addresses and whatnot (if you really need to know leave a comment and i’ll get back a.s.a.p.) The place was like a warehouse with tons of designer fabrics at quite affordable prices. I had so much fun looking at everything and picked up a few interesting pieces.

Wearing some friendship bracelets


Day 12

We final did some sightseeing. We went to the architecture and design museum, it was such fun as we were there while there was a John Paul Gautier exhibition, it was him or the Helmut Lang exhibition, I though this would be more interesting since you got to see the actual garments, plus photography was allowed inside, photos will come I promise! Then we walked around the island for a bit, since the greenery is always beautiful. We also stopped at an amazing restaurant for some pizza things, the base had caraway seeds in it and there was goats cheese and beetroot with walnuts on top, I could talk for forever about how amazing that dish was, it’s inspired me to make some caraway seed bread.

Wearing my grey tank.

2013 Sweden Summer 308

Day 13

We went to the summer palace of the royals. The weather that day was spectacular… We walked around the gardens and then sat on the grass and read for a while, I was reading The fault in our Stars at the time so I barely tore myself away! We didn’t go into the palace itself but I’m sure it was as nice as the weather that day! Then back home on the ferry.

Wearing my broidery skirt.

2013 Sweden Summer 310

Day 14

Travel day, out of busy Stockholm on an even busier platform, but we did wing ourselves into some half price first class tickets! The journey was quick and we were back in Goteborg. Then we went to visit some old friends who live in the city. We sat on their deck for an hour just saying how it was too warm! Ha ha, look at the weather now… We then had some barbecued fish their neighbour had caught and some delicious carrot bread for breakfast the next day. The house echoed with shouts of backgammon scores and I even did some late night knitting!

Wearing my lace dress.

2013 Sweden Summer 317

The last couple of days are a bit of a blur and with no photos so I’ll just describe the day of the above photo.

We went around some shops to get my granddad a new phone. After a fruitless search we went to this old house on the way home. We go there near every year and they have delishious food. The day we went there though was the day that most of Europe experienced huge thunder and lightning storms. Sweden being no exception, the weather was still nice so we sat outside, sipping tea and eating our dinner during a thunder-storm with shelter enough from the rain while outdoors. Not quite an experience I’d recommend, particularly with my big metal camera nearby!

Wearing my denim skirt.



  1. gingermakes · August 17, 2013

    You have such a fun, easy style! I’d love to go to Stockholm someday… it seems so cool!

    • bluesewncat · August 17, 2013

      Thanks! That just made my weekend! Stockholm is a cool city, I would highly recommend going there, it’s where I get my yearly fox of cool!

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