Fairy Fashion


I made myself a top, a camisole. It was a supposedly really simple make. My original idea was to have a rectangle shape and then dart in the excess. I ended up taking in the side seams and back seams as well though, Then for the final version I made the top way too tight and made it while rushing and cursing, since I wanted to wear the top to meet up with my friends. I managed to finish but whether it’s finished well is another story…On going with my process post I thought I’d show some more of what went on behind the scenes with this top..


First I came up with my design. I’ve recently found this blog and it’s made me want to make lots of loose whimsical lace dresses! Since I don’t wear a lot of dresses I thought a simple camisole top would satisfy my need for some whimsical fashion. I’ve also been wanting to make a camisole for at least a year as well. I made up this spec sheet to show the tops design features. DSC_0210Then I made up a calico, or toile, of my pattern, made some adjustments and then the real thing… The fabric was a remnant that I got a little over a year ago (yay stashbusting!) And then I used some cotton lace for the straps. The neckline is straight across the front and back so I used a facing to get a better finish.

DSC_0244Also did my first shoot where I took the photos as well as posed for them (my mum is my photographer) I’m pretty happy with how the pictures turned out as self timer was interesting and the rose-bush in my back garden managed to scrape me several times, not to mention the shoot was cut short as it started raining really heavily very quickly. I’m doing another course at the moment so I have some new designs, newer garments and some crochet inspired pieces too.. Back soon!


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