I’ve turned to the dark side…

2013 Sweden Summer 183

Something has changed, I’ve started taking photo’s out in the open, finding photographic spots and trying to act the model, I’m afraid I’ve turned into a fashion blogger. Yes I still cringe away from whatever crazy position I’m in when another form of human life turns the corner to my secret hideaway but I have indeed changed… I blame art camp. I have previously mentioned this art camp as well, I hated the teacher, sorry, but I did end up learning a lot while I was there and has made me want to make this blog more visually stimulating, I didn’t think shots of my garden could stay here for much longer..

2013 Sweden Summer 186Back to the top. I’ve been trying to take a more creative approach to what I’m making. This summer I’ve been kinda in love with the idea of layers, for instance a dainty summer dress layered with a heavy black cardigan, like my version of dress and docks. The pattern is actually the same as this dress, except I’ve added a front crossover layer. The jersey is from my love Murphy Sheehy, a super lightweight cotton jersey that flutters in the wind and captures air in an amazing way, like my own personal air conditioning. All the seams were serged, the hems and front openings were folded over twice and stitched down, the other edges were finished with bias binding. Which were terrific fun in this ultra lightweight fabric.

2013 Sweden Summer 188I haven’t worn this a lot since I’ve made it but I think that’s more to do with finding how to wear it. It can be worn over a dress quite successfully but I’ve yet to wear it out like that.

In case your thinking, “I didn’t know Ireland could look so medieval..” well it doesn’t. There is Temple Bar in Dublin but that’s becoming more of a tourist trap, this was taken in Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden. The shots were also taken with my little point and shoot camera so the quality isn’t as up to scratch as I’d like, but the chilled vibe and seeing them makes me think back to lazy sun filled days!


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