West Coast Sweden Looks

2013 Sweden Summer 007

Day 1:

We just settled into our house, main activity of the day was buying some swim gear, cause someone may of forgotten to pack theirs…. We also had some lovely sun (it had been raining the previous week) so I made sure to laze in it as much of it as possible!

Wearing my navy top.

2013 Sweden Summer 059

Day 2

Day at the beach. All beach gear under arm we headed to the sea. The weather was beautiful again, even over 23 degrees! Swam around for ages then caught 27 crabs! I released them back to the sea have no fear, but I did get a photo of all of them before they went back to their dark homes. This was taken in a nearby café that is also near an art gallery where we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Wearing my black cardigan.

2013 Sweden Summer 075

Day 3

We went on a yarn shopping day, basically. Our first stop was Stenungsund for one yarn shop. They had tons of stuff, including some rather nice sock yarn, cool ribbon for a strap and local grey wool, which all came home with me! For the good price of €24! Then to Uddevalla. It’s a really beautiful town. There is an oldtown square made of cobble stones and a canal near there as well. In the sunshine it’s even more beautiful and a brilliant place to stroll. Another plus there one of the most affordable quality yarn shops ive ever seen. €5 for 200g (600m) of 4ply 100% cotton wool… I thought it was a deal!

Then I start to fade out, it was holidays after all! The next day we went to the city for some shopping, lots of wonderous sales, unfortunately no fabric, over €20 for 1 meter, I think not! But some delish mushroom risotto and ginormous kannelbulle!

2013 Sweden Summer 081

Day 5

A very chilled day with some drawing in the morning and some Daim icecreams later on. the highlight was some very nice fish (NOT herring) at Salt & Sill (translated to Salt and herring). They have a lot of herring there,  guess its in the name, “but what is in a name…” but they also have some delicious fish and they give you a little amuse bush before your meal, tres fancy. not for every night but fun to have a little dress up!

Wearing my Grey top


Day 6

Boat day! The good thing about where we go is that boating is a near national hobby on the west coast of Sweden. Filled with lots of pretty villages along the coast, all serving shell fish and strawberries and ice cream (the summer diet) the other good thing is that my dads friend who also lives there owns a boat.. so off we went!. The weather seemed to notice it was a boat day too and we had sunny skies all day. With quick stops where old navy ships were anchored for lunch to sandy alcoves for quick dips in the sea. Even a small jellyfish sting didn’t ruin my mood (I did get to find out im not allergic) Then we stopped at another older town called Marstrand. It has some really pretty scenery and a fort for the man crèche! We walked around to see the smugglers passage from the areas old days and had a heroic mission to try to find a smugglers caves, to no avail Im afraid.. Then we had some yummy dinner of sushi and seafood pizza, not at the same time though. Finally a beautiful dusk to take a million photos is (I just got them back and blue looks photoshoped) It was  a simply spectacular day!

Me at the smugglers passage wearing my grey tank and some cut off jeans.

2013 Sweden Summer 091

Day 7

Travel day, it was time to say goodbye to the chilled times of the west coast and head to the self dubbed “capital of Scandinavia” Stockholm. We took a car up the way with few breaks besides stopping at a small village just an hour outside of Stockholm. unfortunately it was a sunday and past 3 o’clock so most places were closed but we managed to get some late lunch at a café/ ceramics place. think delicious cakes, cute teas served on gorgeously minimalistic plates. Not that it was sparse just uncluttered, the type of place you could sit and read with some tea on a sunday afternoon or a weekday off. There was also a mini ceramics exhibition next door so we got ‘pretend’ we saw some sites too! Then some walking around the village to investigate all the winding streets and pretty harbors by the edge of the town. In the end we had to leave for our final destination Stockholm though. At Stockholm we had some dinner and then relaxed in our room with some Game of Thrones (so many cheep box sets in Sweden!)

Next part up next week, with my attempts to be more fashionable for one of my favourite street style cities!


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