Rebel Rebel

I’m not really much of a rebel in real life, I don’t tend to act too crazy or stray from rules too much. I will speak my mind though and sometimes I like to unleash my inner rebel in what I wear! In this case an unfinished vest and paint on my jeans, from my art course but they’ll probably still be worn… not quite punk ( I’d need some more rips and tears for that!) but within my rebel standards. The top was supposed to be part of a stash busting project, it was made with half a meter. There was a bit of huffing from my teacher as we fiddled all the pieces in!

The fabric is the leftovers of another top from my spoils in San Francisco. The cotton is really soft and two years later I’m still in love with the soft stripes. The pattern is made off a dart less block with a bit added onto the sides. The top was sewn together with a serger as well. Overall I’m happy with the result. The top had been lingering in my wardrobe since January and I finally decided to let it be worn, finished or otherwise. Another tank for summer is never a bad thing, especially one you’ve made!

Right now I’m lounging in Stockholm, Sweden enjoying the nice weather with a cold drink and a good view. I also managed to pick up a kilo of gorgeous leather and swede remnants for 75-Sek, or roughly €9! I have more things to show when I get back as well, lots of photos, knitting wool and cool magazines!


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