Liebster award, and 22 things you didn’t know about me…

I won something! It was the middle of the day and I was talking with some friends during lunch, hearing my phone buzz I checked what it was… What it was was a liebster blog award! I’ve been hearing of this award since I started blogging and to be nominated for one… To show my happiness I cried out “I got a blog award!” in mid-conversation, this then led to “you have a blog” and promptly took out my phone again to show. Good lunch I think!


Now onto the questions…

 1) What is your favourite film and why?                                                                                  Probably “the social network” every time I see it I enjoy it, but a close second would be “Hanna” its about a teen super killer, plus the main actress is Irish, what’s there not to love. Plus I may have bought the entire soundtrack to the movie too…..

2) When and why did you start sewing?                                                                                          Like nearly everyone else I started sewing when I was little, making my teddies the most fashionable around! But proper sewing would be four years ago, and wearable sewing three years ago. The reason I started was mainly the internet, I happened upon the burda style website and was so inspired, my mum booked me a course and the obsession grew!

3) What is your favourite make? This could be for you or something you’ve made for someone else                                                                                                                                                            I really love the coat I made but I think I like my new jacket more. It changes with the season. At the moment our weather is changing a lot so my jacket gets alotta wear but when the weather was sunny it was my dip-dyed dress.

4) Do you have a favourite type of fabric to work with, or favourite type of garment to make?                                                                                                                                                        I prefer to use natural fibres such as cotton or linen and usually in neutral or blue. I also use wovens more than jerseys because I don’t have an overlocker.

5) Do you have a favourite fabric shop, online or actual real life physical shop?                           So glad this isn’t a general craft shop because otherwise it would be a three-way tie! My favourite fabric shop is Murphey Sheehy’s who I have mentioned numerous times on the blog!

6) What’s the best book you’ve read recently?                                                                                 I’ve been reading a series called the “Kingkiller Trilogy”. I just finished the second book called “The Wise Mans Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss. The plot is a life story of the main character and the book is well written so you never feel as though you’ve stayed in one place for too long. Really good series!

7) Do you have a favourite artist, or art work?                                                                                      I don’t have a favourite artist but I really love Degas and fashion illustrators in general. As for a favourite piece, i’m not really into fine art but I have a watercolour poster of a rock that’s one of my favourite pieces I own.

8) Cats or dogs?                                                                                                                                Cats, whether it be a kitten to play with or a cat to cuddle!

9) Sweet or savoury?                                                                                                                     Sweet, can’t beat some sugar. But sometimes a bit of savoury with the sweet or vice versa such as sea salt ice cream, my summer craving.

10) If you could have 3 dinner guests, alive/dead, real/fictitious characters, who would they be and why?                                                                                                                                           Grace Coddington, because she has the coolest ideas and shoots for vogue and seems like a really nice person, she also has awesome red hair! Jack Lemmon, I saw “The odd couple” recently and fell in love with his character. He seems to be a very intriguing person. And my grandmother with me at the kitchen making our special bread together as I did when I was little.

11) If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?              India. I’ve always wanted to go, plus I have the vaccinations already! For the food, culture and busy-ness of the country. As well for the difference and beauty of the landscape, how much does last minute flights to india cost again….

And 11 facts…

1) I have a slight obsession with mint tea

2) I’m a history nerd and love learning new historical facts.

3) From above, I hate the middle ages and just found my favourite quote about them “The  middle ages were dark, crap and far far too long!”

4) I get excited by getting mail, even if it’s just a simple letter, even more so if it’s a package.

5) I become sports mad whenever the Olympics is on and I always watch both the opening and closing ceremonies (even did a school project on them!)

6) I’m in love with Stockholm street style and end up with tones of sketches whenever I go there.

7) I My favourite pastime on holidays is crab fishing, we release them back into the sea though, after taking lots of photos as well.

8) The three pets I’ve had were all goldfish and they all died.

9) I can’t ride a bike in a straight line… And I learnt in an evening for cross-country biking the next day, wonder why I was sick that morning….

10) I adore the beach, swimming in the sea, waddling in the cold or just lazing on sand and soaking up some rays, pity I live in such a cold country.

11) I’m seriously considering studying in Sweden sometime in the future.

I’m afraid I couldn’t find any blogs in my blogroll with under 100 followers. If you know of anyone or would simply like to nominate yourself leave a comment and ill update to include you in the post. For now though I want to give a huge thanks to Kathryn!

I’m off to Sweden for the next three weeks so I’ll try get some form of post up, but I can’t guarantee anything I’m afraid. For now though it’s time to sit back, relax and watch Wimbledon!




  1. Kathryn · July 6, 2013

    Glad the award made you happy, and share your blog with your friends! I’ve enjoyed reading all your answers. I love your dinner guest choices! That trilogy you’re reading sounds really good too, it’s been years since I’ve read any fantasy novels but I used to love Katharine Kerr’s books and might need to give these Patrick Rothfuss ones a go. Enjoy your time in Sweden!

    • bluesewncat · July 26, 2013

      Thanks, it seems I only read fantasy but I thought those books were really good.

  2. Zoe · July 11, 2013

    Congratulations on the Liebster award! Almost every blog I have visited today has won it. It was fun reading your answers and I hope you have a great time in Sweden 🙂

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