Summer Jersey

Jersey top inspiration

I’ve had a recent trip to murphey Sheehy’s and their jersey selection is  amazing, small but everything I want is there. I managed to tear myself away with just a meter of fine black cotton and a meter of fine blue linen jersey. I’ve given quite a bit of thought (web perusal, archive searching and magazine thrifting) as to what to make with it. Judging from the above photo collage, loose t-shirts and vests seem to be a recurring theme! About two years ago I bought an American Vintage vest, on sale of course and worn it to holes since then, and I still wear it! It just goes with everything, under clothes and with another vest underneath. Hopefully a pattern for this will evolve in the near future….

Also my course is going really well. I’ve made a jacket! And it looks cool and modern, with a hint of chic if I may say so.. While I’m there I’ve met some lovely new people and found some cool new blogs, eight paces ahead is one of them, it’s nice to finally find a blog based in Dublin, about fashion no less! I have to get some photos of my jacket, and possibly let the good weather settle, before I can properly wear it!


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