June Photography




I’ve dying to share these new pics for weeks now! Since the weather has been getting better I get more of a holiday vibe, and I’m taking more photos. One of these ‘holidays’ was at the end of May when I arranged a birthday lunch with my friends called ‘Day in a Dress’. There was real sun (such a rarity in Ireland) burgers and swans in the park. And lots of photos of course! The first photo is from that day of smiles and sunshine, since my camera is rather big and beautifully vintage my friend started taking photos of me so I got her back! The one after is on my friends boots, because in Ireland you never know the weather so you prepare for all eventualities! The next photo is of a bronze statue in St. Pancras station in London, from my trip there in spring. The last photos is also from my ‘Day in a Dress’ event, a daisy chain my friend made me in the park, my favourite shot of the day, and there were swan babies or cygnets!

More news of my course to come soon! At the moment I’m making a jacket, so much fitting! Hopefully I’ll have something decent to show for my labouring next week!


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