Me-made-May, closing


Day 16: Wearing this jumper, digging into the recesses of my wardrobe to find something new!

Day 17:Wearing an, as of the moment unblogged dress. I made this last year and forgot to post it. By the time I remembered the weather had turned and it was too cold to wear!

IMG_2232 IMG_2277

Day 18: Wearing this top, which I have seriously repeated! I re-wear a lot of my  clothes so be prepared for repeats.

Day 19: Wearing the same top as day one, with a cardigan of course. Shorts can only bring on summer so much!

IMG_2401 IMG_2400

Day 20: Wearing an unblogged vest underneath my top, but you can’t even see it in this photo..

Day 21: Wearing unblogged shorts made from this tutorial, they’re a bit too low so they haven’t been worn much.

IMG_2613 IMG_2427

Day 22: Wearing this top again. Just wanted a simple day so went with a simple look.

Day 23: Wearing this cardi with a plain grey t-shirt. The weather was cooling so I had to wear layers again.

IMG_2511 IMG_2505

Day 24: My birthday! A new top to celebrate the day. Also my first fully hand-dyed project!

Day 25: Wearing this skirt, had to run out of the house that morning so grabbed my easiest thing to wear!

IMG_2549Day 26: Wearing this shirt, trying to give it a new lease of life as it hasn’t gotten that much wear since I made it.

Day 27: Wearing the same top as day 24, the post to come soon, photos taken and all!

IMG_2561 IMG_2581

Day 28: Wearing a handmade necklace, a very lazy effort today but I did give this necklace another lease of life!

Day 29: Wearing this skirt and another unblogged vest. Went to the pier with my friend and did a little mini photo shoot for the day. It was really sunny too which was good!

Day 30: Was wearing a new dress, had a day out in town with my friends wearing dresses with burgers, frozen yogurt and parks! Took so many photos as well!

Day 31: Wearing the same top as day 22, a lazy attempt for the last day but I was on holidays.

Wrap up, I need more bottoms for summer. A lot of the days I was quite lazy as well. Since I have to wear a uniform for most of the day planning a second outfit for a few hours seems hardly worth the effort. Another thing I need to make is a jumper or a cardigan, I re-wore my knitted garments a lot so this is a gap I need to fill. I also need more casual clothing since I found what I would easily wear out for a day I felt over-dressed in at home, I think that means some simple t-shirts, vests, possibly a super simple button up…? I also really want some shorts, the weather in Ireland is super warm this summer for the first time in years and I plan on celebrating that in all its glory, lazing at the beach, in parks and my back garden are the most common places you’ll find me! That’s about it, hope you’ve been left inspired, instead of bored from the super long post (sorry late enough as is!)



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