May Photography





Continuing on, some photos from my summer holidays last year. Sweden, Stockholm. One of favourite cities in the world. The top photo is a sculpture in the central shopping square, near Åhléns. The second photo is one of the many ethereal statues scattered throughout the city. This one near the museum island I think. The third photo is another little statue and though it looks very photograph worthy there were dozens of these around the place. The last photo is from the medieval, or older part of the city,  Gamla stan. Here you can walk cobblestone streets, pass little independent shops but the main street is seriously busy and touristy, particularly during summer. This sign is one of cute things you can see here.

Me-made-may is coming, just have to  organise the photos and links. This weekend as well I’m heading up to Belfast and then on Sunday off to Bloom. Summer has finally come so I’m gonna savour every moment of it! Also have any of you seen the Great Gatsby, so good. The dresses are so beautiful too! So I shall leave you with my favourite song off the soundtrack…


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