Me-made-May week 2


Day 8: Wearing this cardigan and shorts, to try to bring on the Irish summer!

Day 9: A very lazy effort since I’m only wearing an unblogged necklace, but I did at least wear something…

IMG_2023photo (4)

Day 10: Easy Friday with this dress and a jumper layered on top for heat.

Day 11: Doing my most hipster pose! Wearing this top and my black cardigan going for a more tonal look.

photo (3)photo (1)

Day 12: Wearing an unblogged top for a chilled evening.

Day 13: Trying to impersonate some ‘French chic’ in this skirt!

photo (5)photo (7)

Day 14: Finding something to do with my hands in my lace jumper.

Day 15: Going back to basics again in my silk t-shirt and black cardigan.

Conclusions so far, I need to knit myself another cardigan!


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