Me-made -May week 1

2013 0052013 006

Day 1 was already posted.

Day 2, wearing this cardi and a tee, the weather was nice so I just put on some shorts and a tee-shirt, it was a little cold so a cardigan too!


Day 3, wearing this top underneath a jumper. Was too cold for just the top so I threw on the jumper too.

Day 4, wearing this skirt. Out on the town so a slightly more put together look.


Afraid, I forgot to take photos for that day, even forgot what I wore… sorry.

Day 6, wearing this jumper and this top. Wanted just a lazy day so wore jeans and a jumper.

Day 7, wearing some trousers that have yet to be blogged. They’re linen and comfy.

Week one, sorry to be, I have exams this week so no promises but this Friday I have holidays! and my birthday! and the Irish summer has finally begun! Sorry, seriously excited for too many things. I’ll try post a summer to-do-list as I have three long months with only a two-week portfolio course in the middle. Onto summer!


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