London Fabrics


A post! Sorry for the absence… I was away and then had study so this has ended up being put off for too long! These fabrics2013 215

are the ones that I got in  London. This first one is a raw silk  fabric.

Its blue with a really interesting corded texture. This is the shop that I got it from. Universal Textiles on Goldhawk road. There’s an address attached to the link. My piece was, sadly the last of the roll. The rest of the shop contained some interesting stuff but I’m really trying to cut back on what I buy.


This is another piece. A wool that’s heavy enough to be a jacket. I’ve seen many kind of ethnic looking jackets plus I have a really simple pattern that I’ve made befo2013 219re. I’m even thinking some cool liberty cotton lining?? I got this piece at UK textiles. This place had some of my favourite stuff!  I was restricted by both suitcase size and weight so I couldn’t get any more. This place was also nice becasuse it was one of the only places where you weren’t followed around the shop. They were also willing to make some deals too, *hint hint!


This piece is striped cotton. It’s one of the prettiest stripes i’ve personaly seen. The cotton is so soft that I first I thought it was a silk. It was also really cheap. It was £4 a meter but I got three meters for £10!2013 220

Orya Textiles. This place was one of the most interesting shops on the street. the guy was really nice too. The shop was filled with the most beautiful leathers *I sheepishly have too much leather so I didn’t allow myself to buy any…..  All of his stuff was very different. Since many of the shops are on the same street alot of the stock can sometimes look similair. I overheard this guy talk to other customers about how his stock is one off, as in when it’s gone…it’s gone. This was my favourite place on the street.


My last piece of fabric (actually the one I bought first!) This a rayon fabric. I never really buy synthetic fabrics but I really liked the print of this and it was pretty cheap too. I got the fabric at John Lewis. I’ve had previous success there. The one we went to was in Cambridge. The fabric section was actually pretty good and the knitting section as I expected really good as well 🙂 I also chose this fabric because of the drape. I may or may not have gotten a certain book which is for my birthday but I can’t say any more….. it’s to do with draping…..

Sorry for the crypticness, I’ll tell you on my birthday! (24th May) There’ll be another post for notions as well but this is it for now.


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